Republican candidate Mitt Romney confirmed Apple iPad user (with video)

Governor Mitt Romney, a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination, used his Apple iPad to view the news via Drudge Report that he’d won Puerto Rico’s Republican primary on Sunday, winning over 80% of the votes cast with over 80% counted.

In the video below, the governor, with his wife Ann, shows off his Apple iPad:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

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  1. No wonder our culture is so politically polarized. Is this thread supposed to be convincing argument? It is full of strawmen, red herrings, and ad hominem attacks.

    I see in this thread religious bigots and racial bigots, neither of which have a constructive place in our political dialogue. Neither party has a monopoly on the truth.

    I support Mitt Romney because he is a brilliant man, a proven leader, and has proven integrity (ask anyone who has worked with him).

    When he worked at Bain, the daughter of one of his executives went missiong. Mitt shut down normal business, established a command center, and spearheaded the search for this man’s missing daughter. They ended up finding her safe.

    When Mitt took over the Olympics he turned a corruption-laden games into the most successful games in history.

    Mitt does not align with me on 100% of the issues, but I believe he will do what he says: reduce federal spending, increase domestic energy production, streamline regulation, and strengthen the military. (Personally I think the military spend should be reduced too.)

    The principles upon which I support Mitt are these: The federal government should only provide services that are constitutionally mandated. States should be responsible for the safety nets, education, labor laws, most resource management, and healthcare regulations.

    The federal government should provide for national defense, protect liberties and rights, and facilitate interstate commerce.

  2. I understand theres an app that Romney can use to keep track of his Magic Underpants.

    Mormonism was invented by known trickster, Joseph Smith in the 19th Century. This is proven by the many anachronisms that a 19th century farm boy would not have known (i.e. compass used in 600BC! Herds of sheep, goats and cattle in Central America, Greek translations in the King James Bible, etc. etc.))

    Romney apparently believes this hogwash and that he will become a god on another planet AND wears magic mormon underpants. And he might be the next president? Absolutely frightening!!!!! Run screaming!!!!

      1. anaknipedro: What do you mean? That Joseph Smith’s made up religion isn’t a new idea of the fact that mormonism is ridiculous is not a new idea?

        1. The most ridiculous thing that I believe in is that Jesus Christ is the son of God, he was born of a virgin, he raised men from the dead and healed the sick, and after he was crucified, he was resurrected on the third day to a perfect, immortal body. His sacrifice also had eternal consequences in that he created a way for people to be forgiven of their sins in order to live with God. I know it’s “out there” but I believe it to be true, as have many previous presidents and all the current candidates for president in 2012.

      2. Verse 4 in that link has nothing to do with Joseph Smith inventing his nonsense. Romney believes in magic underpants, that he will become a god and that the world was made 6000 years ago. Its no harm if he believes this magical drivel as a private citizen, but as a world leader – its totally inappropriate and downright scary.

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