The Verge’s Topolsky reviews new Apple iPad: ‘Otherworldly; easily the most beautiful computer display I have ever looked at’

“By now you’ve probably heard all the hype about the screen on the new iPad,” Joshua Topolsky writes for The Verge. “The iPad’s display… makes all other device displays look pedestrian by comparison. And if you’re an original iPad or iPad 2 owner, unless you want to upgrade, just avoid looking at this screen.”

“Yes, this display is outrageous. It’s stunning. It’s incredible. I’m not being hyperbolic or exaggerative when I say it is easily the most beautiful computer display I have ever looked at,” Topolsky writes. “Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that you hold this in your hands, or maybe it’s the technology that Apple is utilizing, or maybe it’s the responsiveness of iOS — but there’s something almost bizarre about how good this screen is.”

Topolsky writes, “For rendered text or high resolution images, it just looks otherworldly; like a glowing piece of paper. There were moments when I was testing the device when I would just marvel at a single paragraph of text, or I kept zooming in and out on a particular headline to see how cleanly fonts are rendered on this screen… As with any kind of screen technology, it really is the kind of thing you have to see in person. When you compare the old iPad to the new one, or to any other tablet for that matter, you’ll start to wonder how you were ever able to look at anything else. I’m not saying that the screen alone is reason enough to buy this product, especially if you’ve got a tablet you’re happy with right now, but I do think the quality of this display could make you a sudden convert. It’s just really, really good.”

Much more in the full review here.

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    1. It may be e-paper, but it’s nowhere near retina resolution, so it still looks like very pixelated e-paper.

      Basically reminds you of the old days of dot printers 😉

    2. Of course it can, because you can’t use it to read in bed unless you keep the light on, so you’re forced back to childhood, reading your book with a torch in the dark.

      1. A Torch! Holy moly, that’s dangerous. What happens if you point the torch toward something flammable? As a child in the 40s we had advanced beyond torches to battery-powered flashlights. But then that was in SFO.

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