Beleaguered Nokia preps Windows 8 tablet ‘iPad killer’ for relase later this year

“Nokia’s design head Marko Ahtisaari confirmed in an interview that the company was developing a tablet. Without saying what it involved, he promised Kauppalehti Optio that it would be unique in a sea of would-be iPad rivals. The device was important enough that it was consuming a third of Ahtisaari’s time,” Electronista reports.

“Nokia’s tablet is believed to be a Windows 8 design using a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core chip. [According to Reuters, it is expected to be released later this year]. If true, it would depend almost exclusively on Metro-based apps and wouldn’t have access to legacy or traditionally designed Windows apps,” Electronista reports. “Apart from using Microsoft’s new OS, it’s uncertain what Nokia would do to create a significantly different experience than other Windows tablet supporters.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wow, a whole third of his time! We can’t wait to see it.

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    1. The new class of ‘Tablet’ is the ‘Boomerang Tablet.’ Its life cycle is ship, sell, return. After seeing the reviews of the 3rd Gen iPad its a no brainer that no one else will come close regardless of spec if it doesn’t have a Retina display. Apple has the entire market for Retina displays currently. Apple is alone in the iPad market. I guess their only competition is the Kindle Fire-‘the original Boomerang Tablet.’ 🙂

      1. ALL merchandise from the HSN (Home Shopping Network) ships with a return label. Especially the recently advertised Motorola Xoom™ 10.1 inch LCD, Dual-Core 32GB SSD Wi-Fi Tablet with Android 3.1 (upgradable to 4.0).

  1. Unless these “iPad Killers” come with the equivalent of a Retina Display they are DOA. And who else in the industry is that far along with display technology? Apple set the bar even higher this time and left the iPad 2 in place to pick up the crumbs.

    1. I’ve heard quite a few commenters say that a HD display on a tablet is useless because the display is too small. They’d prefer that Apple lowered the iPad’s price $200, then they’d be interested. Besides, increasing the resolution of an iPad is a waste of time because you still can’t do anything with it like you could with a Windows 8 tablet. Something about all tablets should have a desktop OS running “real applications”.

      How can a person get any work done if they can’t multitask a half dozen programs on a tablet? A Windows 8 tablet can multitask a dozen programs for superior work flow. That’s what consumers really need. Try doing that with a new iPad.


  2. MS’s Metro interface has been a total failure on their smart phones. I mean seriously if this UI was great people would have started buying phones with it!

    Why MS is hell bent on slapping this failure on everything is beyond me.

    If I were a CEO of any company the last thing I would do is put my hopes on Windows 8 with Metro. I’d look at the phone sales and say “Uh yeah why do we want this on a tablet again?”

    Nokia would have a better chance at trying to use WebOS at this point.

    It is going to be an epic blunder. I can’t wait to watch the train wreck.

  3. General Heth, scoffing at General Pettigrew’s warning that Yankee cavalry are present in the town of Gettysberg, is sending General Archer to retrieve the shoes his soldiers need.

    The other shoe is about to drop.

  4. Another apple killer i would love to invest money in one company that could actually deliver these disillusioned statements – nokia go back to being a paper company you might make more money

  5. Look for shorter iPad lines now that Nokia has made this announcement. The whole world has been holding it’s breath while waiting for Windows 8 tablets to appear.

    1. Just as it had held its breath until the best-selling Lumias, running Windows Phone 7, were unveiled last October. The plaudits have been deafening since then.

      Nokia is on a roll for sure. Oh, baby!

  6. “The device was important enough that it was consuming a third of Ahtisaari’s time.”

    Which means Nokia expects to fail! Why? #1, they are 2 years late. #3, they are not used to providing ‘ecosystems’.

    Apple owns the data ecosystem, not just the tablet. Consumers will judge NokiTab on the basis of a comparison with the Apple ecosystem.

    If Nokia chose to be amongst the top 2 tablet players they better find someone to spend FULL TIME putting the whole ecosystem together. I don’t care where the pieces come from (ala Microsoft), but they damn well better be perfectly seamless.

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