Apple informs customers new iPads now shipping en masse

Many, many MacDailyNews readers have begun informing us this morning that Apple is sending out shipping notices for their new iPad (Early 2012) orders.

We received a smattering of emails about iPad shipment notices yesterday, but a flood arrived today.

As of now, all of them state that their iPads are in Chengdu, China and that their scheduled delivery by UPS is March 16th “by end of day.”

Thanks to all who’ve let us know that their iPad orders are shipping!

Have you received your shipping notice from Apple, yet?


  1. Not me yet. I’m still waiting for my shipping notification email. I ordered mines like 45min after the keynote was done on Wednesday. Hopefully I get it soon.

  2. I’ve never understood this. How does it make sense to ship each individual item separately from China? Surely it would be more cost effective to ship them in bulk to the USA then take care of the individual orders with local shipping. Wouldn’t it?

    1. A nicer, more simplified explanation:

      The traditional way would be to have a big shipment delivered to Apple’s warehouse, and then ship them out individually from there.

      Instead, they stick the UPS labels on each iPad in China, then ship them all together in bulk. The bulk shipments land directly at UPS hubs and onto delivery trucks they go, bypassing Apple’s warehouse altogether.

      Apple still pays the bulk shipping rate, just as if it was all headed to their warehouse. But since the UPS labels are already intact, no need to warehouse it.

          1. to clarify, they do not scan every iPad when it’s shrink wrapped to a pallet the pallet itself has a UPS internal tracking number stuck to it so when they scan it, their system acts as if every iPad on the pallet has just been scanned. This type of aggregate scanning is common practice for any big box store whether grocery/electronic/ bulk shipping.

      1. Thanks for the explanation. Now I understand the finer points of international shipping. I guess I always just assumed since I got a tracking number for an individual package originating in China that each was sent individually.

    1. You have overstayed your welcome.

      If Apple/Tim Cook had named the latest iPad ‘iPad 3’, you’d be telling us they should have named it something else.

      Everyone’s onto your game. Like I said previously, go file-system-check yourself.

    2. Maybe there was a squatter who trademarked iPad3. The is already a website that is Looks to be a couple of years old. Also looks that it hasn’t been updated.

      My take is that future upgrades will become lesser events. What is left: NDC, haptic display and faster processor. Box likely says 3rd generation somewhere. iPod touches are not designated by thier generation in there name – only their category, touch, classic, nano, shuffle.

    3. Sorry to learn you weren’t invited to the naming meeting. All of this unnecessary name confusion would have been avoided if they had only consulted you. 🙁

    4. There’s no MacBook pro 6. Or iMac xiv. Or airport extreme 8. It’s iPad going forward. And probably just iPhone. Better for branding. Better for marketing. But I guess not better for you.

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