Tablet also-rans, already sucking on Apple’s fumes, fear 7.85-inch iPad launch in Q312

“As Apple will reportedly launch a 7.85-inch iPad in the third quarter of 2012, other vendors are concerned because it would bring large competitive pressure on them, according to sources from upstream component makers,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The sources pointed out that non-Apple tablet PC vendors can still survive in the 7-inch tablet PC market because Apple has not yet entered the segment,” Chen and Tsai report. “However… the non-Apple vendors may soon have difficulty [surviving] if the rumors come turn.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As if a $399 iPad 2 wasn’t enough to fear. Sweet dreams, derivative also-rans.


  1. Will Apple include sandpaper with their 7 inch release, so that customers can sand down their fingers?. That was a very strange thing for Mr Jobs to say, considering that fat-fingered customers have managed with little iPhone screens for several years. The 7 inch tablet format is great, in my opinion, because it fits into a jacket pocket and hence can go places that a 10 inch tablet or a laptop cannot go.

    1. What iOS resources do you use for a 7″ iPad? You have 3 choices:
      1) It’s an iPod touch, blown up to 7″
      2) It’s an iPad, scaled down to 7″
      3) You develop a whole new 7″ platform and expect developers to design for it.

      Take screenshot of an iPad and pull it up on your Mac in actual size. Then scale it down to 7″ (diagonal), and see how small everything is and imagine how hard it would be to work with.

      Do the same with an iPod touch, and realize how blown-up everything is, and how poor the graphics will look.

      I just don’t see Apple doing any of these 3 options.

  2. Apple has a small screen IPad. It’s called an an IPhone. If you don’t need a phone then there is the IPod touch. One reason the IPad has been so scucessful is IT IS NOT 7 INCHES! Does that make sense to anyone but me?

    1. @hankster
      Grow Up. By calling an iphone a mini ipad you sound like Apples competitors when they released the ipad, only in reverse. The two devices are different beasts. There are some excellent comments on this page describing the success of the paperback form factor and that format is part of the success of kindle, fire or otherwise. A4 is also a very successful format and the ipad has captured the electronic version of A4 very well indeed. To deny the existence of the 7 inch format is like saying that humanity has evolved with nothing more than A4 and fag packet (iphone) formats. That would is clearly false.

      I have an ipad, but I make more use of my playbook. Not because it has more apps or better hardware. It doesn’t. What it does have is a better form factor (for me) and flash. Much as I love apple products I use whatever tool is right and at the moment, apple have a gap in their toolbox. A toolbox that they claim to own.

  3. However… the non-Apple vendors may soon have difficulty [surviving] if the rumors come turn. [‘come true’?]

    These rumor are idiotic. There is NO MONEY in the 7.whatever ” market. Blatant DUH Factor!

    HELLO ! ! !

    Sales≠$$$ ! ! !

    Amazon LOSE MONEY with every Kindle Fire sale! Amazon SUBSIDIZE Fire sales! WAKE UP! Get some caffeine! Apple give a rat’s about the 7.whatever” because W H Y ?

    TechTardiness abounds.

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