Apple begins iPad preorders but overwhelming demand slows Apple Store Online

“The online Apple Store has begun taking preorders for the new iPad, with color options, 16, 32 and 64GB storage options, and WiFi or mobile 4G options all priced identical to last year’s iPad 2 (which is now discounted $100),” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The store remained offline for about two hours following the company’s unveiling of the new iPad, and even after going up, the site has failed to respond for some, generating ‘oops’ error messages, recalling the ordering issues Apple experienced under heavy loads for previous iPad and iPhone releases,” Dilger reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: After much trying, we got our orders in for March 16th delivery. Did you?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Pulled the trigger on two 32gb blacks. My wife and I do not share well. Had the iPad 1 with 3g 64gb. Looked to see how much space I had used thus far and it was only 20gb. I figure I didn’t need the 64gb. Also I am mostly near WiFi and if not I will just use my phone for emails and the like. This is going to be a huge jump from what I am used to on the iPad1. Took about 20-25 tries for each iPad.

      1. oh yeah……ordered up my Black 64GB AT&T 4G version…..I live in Austin and I hear the AT&T LTE just screams there. My iPad 2 was Verizon and I wasn’t that impressed with it or their customer service although i do have a 4G LTE usb dongle from Verizon and it screams pretty good. Can’t wait!

    1. Look, we all miss Steve. But these kinds of launch-day problems happened during his time as CEO too. Don’t inaccurately paint Apple as going downhill when this is par for the course.

        1. Dude, I totally agree with Tony. Historically Apple has been overwhelmed at launches. Perhaps heads did roll during Steve’s regime. Perhaps they’ll roll again. All I know is that anyone who has ordered a new iPhone or iPad on day one has had an experience just like today’s. PS— snarky comments like your “comprehension app” remark scream out how incredibly defensive you are the minute someone disagrees with you. If you don’t like disagreement why the F’ do you post to begin with?

        2. Wow, dumb ass, why don’t you look up all the first day launches. There has always been a problem on day one.

          Oh that’s right, you go stop by Apple’s IT department and tell them what to do to fix this. I’m sure you know more than what Apple’s engineers do.

  1. After 100 times online with server crashes, and many many futile telephone attempts I finally got into the waiting for an operator so don’t hang up, getting excited, waiting, and waiting. After 33 minutes it disconnected me. still trying. Root for me.

  2. Worst. Launch. Evarrr.
    2hrs later, Apple Store App keeps crashing on checkout. Empties itself. Starts over order, then multiple quantities appear on checkout. Then it crashes. Rinse, repeat. Ugh.

      1. If multiple people ordering multiple iPads by mistake causes a sellout, then that’s gonna be a huge problem for Apple. If I mistakenly get 30 iPads instead of one, that’s gonna be a huge problem for me.

        1. sell em on e bay. Lol. I’m sure stores won’t be able to stay stocked for weeks after they launch. Just like any other igadget when it 1st comes out. There will be price gouging going on for a bit.
          Is what I don’t get is apple had to know shits gonna go crazy on preorder day. Is there nothing they can do to make sure this won’t happen. It get annoying trying to pre order and it crashes over and over and over. And if you don’t pre order it can takes weeks after launch date to finally find one.

          1. It’s hard to believe that they couldn’t have done better. I don’t buy it anymore. It’s been five years since the first time something like this happened with the original iPhone. If Amazon can handle the millions of transactions on Black Friday, Apple ought to handle a few hundred thousand, or a mil or two easy. There is no more excuse for this kind of crap, not from Apple, nor any company whose bread and butter depends on it.

            1. Comparing AAPL and AMAN on peak transactions is hardly a valid comparison. Look at the number of product divisions, products and variations of products within a set AMZN carries, Black Friday or 24/7.
              You jump from ‘a few hundred thousand’ to ‘a mil or two’ on a day which happens, most likely, once a year for a company with a very small product line with relatively small variation between products.
              If you think Apple didn’t think this through, plan to expedite sales and make the process smooth, then not much else to say here, so simply chiding them may be your best option.

    1. That’s what happened to me too! I had 10 in my cart on the iPhone app and I had to remove them all and start over cause you can’t just adjust the quantity for some reason……but I got it worked out eventually.

    2. I wandered around a grocery store picking up bananas and such with one hand and using my iPhone 4S in the other hand in an attempt to order iPads for my wife and me. Same experience as for many here: crashes, dumped carts, etc. But after
      30 minutes, bingo — 32gb black wifi. And after another 30, 16gb black wifi.
      Then I got the emailed invoices: TWO each of the iPads — on four invoice numbers, so it apparently was not a
      quantity issue.
      That means SIX iPads in a two-person household until four get sold. What the heck!

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