Next-gen 4G-capable iPad and Apple TV – both powered by dual-core Apple A5X SoC – to be revealed tomorrow, says source

“When Tim Cook takes the stage tomorrow in San Francisco, a new iPad apparently won’t be the only product announced. As we reported last week, a new Apple TV model is expected to arrive alongside the higher-resolution iPad update,” Joshua Topolsky reports for The Verge. “We’re told that the forthcoming Apple TV (the product is said to likely carry the same name as its predecessor) will have 1080p capabilities, and will work in conjunction with the iPad and other Apple devices to deliver new video streaming / mirroring functionality (which will also fall inline with new Mountain Lion features).”

“According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple will update both the new Apple TV and the iPad 3 (or iPad HD, a name we first unearthed last year) not with the rumored, quad-core A6 system-on-a-chip, but rather the A5X, a dual-core SoC said to have a more powerful GPU,” Topolsky reports. “From what we’re hearing, it’s basically an A5 on steroids.”

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MacDailyNews Note: We’ll know for sure starting at 10am PT / 1pm ET tomorrow. As usual, we plan to have live coverage of Apple’s special event. We’ll our live coverage page up – along with links to other live coverage around the Web – before noon tomorrow.

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  1. A dual-core processor will bring sighs of disappointment from the spec-lovin’ tech critics who’ll think that Apple is falling behind the curve by not using a quad-core processor. No one will believe that a specifiically tailored dual-core can be just as powerful as a quad-core in tablet operation. Consumers will not give a damn as long as the user interface is responsive and frame rates are fast. I don’t know any of the people I know that have iPads ever took one apart to find out why they liked it.

    I can already see the negative headlines about how Apple missed some major opportunity to beat Android tablets into the dust. I don’t know what type of camera sensors will come with the new iPad, but I’ll bet the tech critics will be unhappy if they’re not as high a megapixel rating as the one’s that come on Android tablets.

    1. If anyone has been keeping up; Samsung plans by spring a A15, dual-core. Why, because the A9, quad-core ain’t all it’s spec’d out to be. And, the dual-core clobbers the quad by a factor of 2.

      So Apple fanboys and spec lovers don’t fall for the numbers – A5X will be a sweet proc… and the A6 is soon to be ready by Christmas.

  2. Ah, “see” and “touch”: ATV and iPHD. Makes sense now.

    I expect some news on the Mountain Lion front, too.

    What would be both mindblowing and likely, though? What’s that thing that will seem so obvious tomorrow night, but isn’t now? Hmmm…

        1. Clearly.
          A5X is a clever trick on the competition.
          Apple knew they would be rumoured and exposed before the official announcement.

          Clearly, this is the AX5 chip.
          And so tomorrow we all will see that the A15 has arrived.

      1. “We have two new products to introduce to you today.

        The first is a new iPad.

        The second is a new Apple TV.

        An iPad, and an Apple TV… An iPad and an Apple TV…

        Are you getting it? One device that is two products!


    1. Apple: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

      Rather then say – in one sentence – We have something for you to see and touch – Apple uses 2 sentences – which definitely implies 2 different items.

      AppleTV and iPad3.

      Plus demos of Lion 10.8 and iOS5.1 and iTunes.

      The let down will be its not so Mind Blowing other then the blazing speed of this A5X chip which is really the A15.

  3. Stop confusing the iPad3 and iPadMini to next weeks
    introduction of the 8″ x 4″ iSlate.

    This new device which is an iPadHD/virtual-keyboard/iTVdvrsiriremote/gaming unit all-in-one will obsolesce the iPodTouch . A device that ls self-syncing and self-recognizing – changing as you use it depending what other devices you have. Far beyond what any other company has foreseen or thinking.

  4. Damn. I hate living a half a day ahead! It always mean I have to wait until the next day to read the news!

    MARCH 7 @ 1PM ET = MARCH 8 @ 3AM Japan time. 🙁

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