Decoding the clues of ‘See’ and ‘Touch’ in the Apple special event invitation

Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes, “Here are the leading rumors about Wednesday’s events based on the clues ‘see,’ and ‘touch.'”

Rumor: The Release of the iPad3
See: The almost certain high-resolution retina display.
Touch: The faster quad-core A6 processor or a dual-core A5X chip will produce a qualitatively better “feel.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. A new iPad is obvious and any improvements to a product that claims it is new is obvious.

    The example of the iPhone getting a better camera – places the obvious – that mass order of the new camera will then transcend to the new iPad. So again, an obvious step.

    The move to a higher cleaner resolution screen has been rumoured long ago – again iPhone got the retina increase so it makes sense Apple will take this leap with the iPad3.

    OBVIOUS so its not really rumours at all… its a natural progression and choice Apple is making.

    THAT SAID – what will be truly be new – no one other then the “observer” offered an interesting suggestion. The integration of AppleTV (iTV of short) and iPAD with a tiny receiver to your MEGA HDTV screen – hence Apple doesn’t invent the TV but add value to your purchase as it has with the original AppleTV.
    NOW thanks to the “observer” thats worth reading – thats a cool rumour — he has an interesting prediction. He’s thinking far an beyond any of these writers who seem to just regurgitate other sites. They might as well just provide a link to the site they read to write the article.

  2. As a hard core gamer, I wish touch meant a gamepad controller for the iPad and/or ATV. So many games are just terribly frustrating on the touch screen.
    Anyhow, I know it won’t come true, at least it looks like ATV3 will be real..

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