Apple releases Mac OS X 10.7.3 Supplemental Update

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.7.3 Supplemental Update.

This update resolves an issue when restoring a Mac from a Time Machine backup.

This update is recommended for users running 10.7.3 with Time Machine backups.

Mac OS X 10.7.3 Supplemental Update is available via Software Update and also as a standalone installer.

More info and download link (24.55 MB) here.


      1. Why would an Apple shareholder want to buy a Windoze PeeCee, especially since I didn’t switch to the Mac from a PeeCee? Used my first Mac in 1984, bought my first in 1985.

        The difference between a user and a Fanboi is that a Fanboi can not stand anything critical of their now deceased deity nor the church he created. Apple has let it’s QA drop on software- especially Mac software. It’s fair to call them on their slacking off on QA.

        1. Your definition of a Fanboy (please drop the pretentious spelling) is dead on. However, I don’t see how Apple’s fixing of an issue most of us didn’t even know existed is inspiration for your rant.


    1. Google is perpetual beta. Microsoft often ships substandard products if it gets past the vaporware stage. If you would rather have Windows XP and Windows Vista for a decade, then please stick with Windows PCs.

      I take my time on OS upgrades, even those from Apple. I am still quite happy running 10.6.8 while waiting for the last few bugs to be worked out by millions of other people. Don’t complain if you took the risk of transitioning early.

    2. @progressiveagentprovocateur – I agree and support your contentions.

      The bug repairs for Mac OS X Lion have been the slowest I have seen for Mac OS X since the nasty Mac OS 7.5, if people dare remember than horror. I’ve got a list of 10 Finder bugs alone, including one that causes the Finder to corrupt its own memory, requiring users to force quit it as a workaround. Apple had all my bug reports, as well as those of many others, well before 10.7.3 beta. We’re still waiting.

      I’m beginning to think Mac OS X Lion isn’t even on the back burner any longer. It’s simply being ignored, apart from GLARING bugs like the Time Machine bug addressed here. Apple have their minds on other, more lucrative things, which is NOT the Apple way. History is going to remember Lion to be a pig among pearls, I predict. That’s a shame.

      *** Oh and YES trolls! Do please note that criticizing Apple is standard Apple fanboi procedure. There is no Apple ‘koolaid’, there are no Apple ‘lemmings’. Now go look in the mirror and shudder at the drone you see there.

  1. Yea, I hate these 38kb file updates! I wish OS X were as perfect as MS Windows.

    I find it totally disturbing that a company would improve my data’s backup, especially just 2 days before a major announcement. It’s probably some plot to insure my data is safe and compatible when they announce the public release of Mountain Lion for free on Wednesday. How dare they!

    Free or not, I’m moving to Windows to avoid these insidious changes and improvements. I much prefer the consistent crappiness of an unimproved OS over the endless worrying about how my computer will react with the new altered code. In addition, my computer hasn’t shown any additional snappiness after the entire 38kb install.

    Besides, they probably downloaded my entire digital “Archie” comic book collection, my Tiny Tim CDs, and the entire collection of Pat Paulsen speeches for their own warped purposes. Apple is pure evil.

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