Will new iPad be the world’s greatest remote control – for the Apple TV?

“Apple clearly has a surprise in mind for its product announcement on Wednesday,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes.

“Christina Warren‘s Mashable post yesterday drew the connection between the Apple TV going out of stock on Amazon and Best Buy and the possibility of a new model being announced this week,” Kosner writes. “Erik Kain wrote a post on Forbes.com yesterday asking whether Apple will announce the ‘reboot’ of the Apple TV along with the new iPad.”

Kosner writes, “Even if Erik is right, and the bigger TV announcement from Apple is linked to a streaming service or actual TV sets, introducing a mind-blowing TV remote that ‘you really have to see. And touch,’ would make for a wild Wednesday.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]


  1. to start with, a total make over for the iPad Remote App for Apple TV, which sucks now, should be expected. adding Siri to it would be very impressive.

    1. The Apple Remote doesn’t suck. Works great on all iOS devices and mimics every control that the little silver remote (which does suck) does. What are you expecting, flying carpets?

    1. I don’t know if you get to crow about “nailing it” when you make a technology prediction that fails to materialize after 5 years.

      Do you work for Piper Jaffray?

  2. If they would simply add an IR transmitter to the iPad (and why not the iPod touch as well), Apple could build the most awesome universal remote ever : One that actually presents meaningful buttons and only presents the useful ones when needed.
    I know my father would love having big buttons that he can read and that actually match their function instead of his space age universal remote where none of the buttons match anything he’s seeing on the TV set or the set top boxes.

  3. A new 7.85 inch device will be the remote that ships with the new Apple HDTV. A new remote App may be in the offing now to go along with the Apple TV 3, however.

    1. now there’s an idea! A full function 8″ iPad makes little sense but if it’s primarily a remote for the Apple TV that can also act as a program guide, eBook reader and/or gaming controller.. then we’re talking domination of the living room.

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