Top 10 places to sell your iPad for cash or credit

9to5Mac compiled a list of places to trade in your old iPad for cash or credit.

“Before perusing the options, identify the condition, features, and model of the swappable iPad. This knowledge will help decide its maximum value, because most of these online programs use a survey to determine the slate’s estimate,” Élyse Betters reports for 9to5Mac. “Moreover, it is prudent to act now as some reports indicate retailers are steadily dropping prices with Apple’s event drawing nearer.”

1. Amazon ( Gift Card)
2. NextWorth (cash)
3. Gazelle (cash or Gift Card 5% over value)
4. eBay (cash)
5. GameStop (cash or store credit, in stores only)
6. Best Buy (cash)
7. RadioShack (cash)
8. Apple’s Recycling Program (Apple Gift Card)
9. PowerMax (store credit)
10. Craigslist (cash)

More info and links in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


      1. Hey, if you can get nearly retail value from a low-wattage buyer on Craigslist, more power to you. That’s what sales is all about.
        Liopapa is right, Craigslist is by far the best way to get the best price, rather than wholesaling it to the others. I have sold a dozen iPhones for friends and family on CL. It comes with its own challenges — time, for one — but is often a most entertaining process.

  1. Seriously, Gazelle I when to them last year wen the iPad 2 came out looked at selling them my nearly mint iPad 1 64GB 3G, that I pad close to $900 for they offers less than $500 so I kept it. Thanks Gazelle I got an extra year out of a great machine and now my son will enjoy it when I get my iPad 3HD!

  2. Best deal of all: Give it away.

    Gave mine to my wife and she is in 2nd heaven.

    Got bonus points for that. Only negative is it is so small she ocassionally looses it under papers or book or under the seat of the car.

  3. Two comments:

    #8-Apple: I haven’t checked trade-in prices on iPads but the trade-in credit for two computers was a lot less than #9.

    #9-Powermax: you just get store credit only if you don’t purchase items at time of trade-in. If you buy products (Apple or otherwise) when you request a trade-in quote, you buy the items for regular price, send in the old item(s), and several weeks later after the item(s) are inspected, you get your choice of a check OR store credit good for 12 months.

  4. Ive had great luck with Craiglist for the past 2 generations of iPhones and when I bought a iPad 2 3G and sold my wifi for almost what I paid. Re-sell value is great!

  5. Won’t do Craig’s List again. Sold an IPhone and four days later I was still getting phone calls at 3AM from Mid-Eastern voices saying, “Sell me your Phone. Sell It to me! I give you cash!”

  6. Wow…… have no idea how much I have struggled over the last 6 months in Europe with mifi’s. A different mifi for each country……..what a hassle. If I had known about the above option, I would have gone this route in a hardbeat. Yes, data costs are about double the price/mb, but after taxi fare, inefficiency in usage, buying multiple mifi’s, the true cost is actually more than the above plans. So, I will sign up next summer in Europe with Teb……..Thanks sooooooooooo much.Captain…….My Cherie Amour sailing catamaran

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