Led by iPad HD’s Retina display, this year’s mobile screens will stun and amaze

“With every mobile product able to do everything, how do new gadgets stand apart from the crowd?” Mike Elgan reports for Computerworld. “This year, the answer is becoming clear: Display design and technology that will absolutely blow your mind.”

“Rumors and circumstantial evidence suggest that the upcoming iPad, which Apple is expected to announce on Wednesday, will have twice the screen resolution as the current iPad,” Elgan reports. “Remember that twice the resolution means four times the pixels. The iPad 2 has a 1024-by-768-pixel screen resolution, which adds up to 132 pixels per inch (ppi). Although the screen is expected to be the same size, just one quarter of a double-resolution 2048×1536 screen (264 ppi) will contain the same number of pixels as the entire iPad 2 screen. The new iPad screen will probably look as good as a glossy print magazine.”

Elgan reports, “This week, circumstantial evidence emerged that the name of this new tablet will be the ‘iPad HD,’ as in high definition… Adding ‘HD’ to the name makes perfect sense. It would line up with rumors about the addition of both a high-quality HD camera — probably the same excellent camera as the one in the iPhone 4s — and the high-resolution display.”

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    1. Agreed – because the iPad2 screen is fine already.

      – better speeds, larger internal memory
      – perhaps expandability – SD slot or micro SD slot
      – longer battery life – something magical
      – Siri integration to more Apple specific apps
      – something because the competition is gaining

        1. Did you not sus that he is (likely) an android zelot and he is describing the current android models feature spec?

          Yeah… the new ipad should have SD slots, a crap screen, plastic body, and poor battery life. Then it would be really gooder!

  1. Shitload of rumors. One or two inevitably will become true, rest will be forgotten. Then the iP5 and iOS shit rumors will hit the fan.

    What we know for certain is that 99% of rumors is BS. But again that’s MDN main content now. How sad.

      1. “The new iPad screen will PROBABLY look as good as a glossy print magazine.”

        The only magazine i enjoy looking at is National Geographic – its photo gravure printing process is a JOY to look at – litho sucks (aside from mico-screens) – the iPAD1 and 2 already look better then Magazine Pages.

    1. yea the iPhone 5 rumors are gonna get rediculous as soon as the iPad 3/HD launches. A release date of anywhere between June and October, screen size, processor power, memory, waterproof. About the only thing that might not be speculated about will be the storage but I’m sure someone will cover that one too!

          1. I assume this is meant to be a humorous take on “gene pool”. Like some others, JP is probably annoyed by all of the misspellings here, and rampant over the internet. It does cause one to wonder about the educational system in the U.S.

      1. Well, I certainly hope Apple starts using Liquipel technology for their iPhones…

        Those things are so susceptible to water damage, and since water damage is not covered under warranty, it makes sense to make the iPhones a little less vulnerable…

  2. Apple should use their ‘war chest’ to buy up *all* production of retina screens for the next 5 years, thus shutting out all competition from being able to obtain any supply.

    *Ken Jeong voice*: ‘No suppry for you, b*tches!! Hahahahahahaaa….’

    1. I’m afraid that Apple couldn’t buy up “all” the Retina displays because there would be other companies eventually that would be constructing Retina-class displays, but I agree with your perspective. Apple already seems to be doing this with flash memory supplies. Apple will catch a lot of flak when competitors cry foul about unfair business tactics and the DOJ might start sniffing around.

      1. Its not unfair to buy (and use) quantities that max out producers’ capabilities. It would be unfair to say “don’t sell to anyone else, or we’ll crush you”.

    2. Products with retina displays as large as an iPad don’t exist yet, so Apple will have a huge head start if they release the iPad HD in the next couple months.

      Demand for the iPad HD will probably exceed manufacturing capacity for retina displays, so Apple will probably have claim to every backorder retina display for a long time.

    1. Really only the graphics processor would require more power. The display itself, the backlight, the CPU could all be using the same or less power than the previous generation. Combined with a better battery, the batter life in this generation could be better with the Retina display than the previous generation without.

  3. Isn’t it grand? It’s like waiting for a Beatle album to be released. Nobody really has any idea just what it will be, but you know it’ll be
    great and you know you’re gonna want it! Can’t wait till Wednesday!

  4. The big differentiator will be software, and the new things the device can do. I’m expecting incredible mapping software as a standout feature. I have no doubt there will be others, too.

    Apple succeeds because they go beyond sustaining improvements in technology, they are a serial disrupter of industries.

  5. Here’s what I’d LIKE to see (but probably won’t):

    Three models of iPAD HD (2048×1536) all built around a new A6 quad core processor with a new graphics engine: 16, 32 & 64 GB. Priced the same as the current (2011) iPad 2. Computational speed is better than the current (2011) iPad 2, and with the better graphics engine the graphics speed (even pushing four times the pixels) is comparable to, or better than, that of the 2011 iPad 2.

    Also the iPad 2 (2012 edition) gets bumped to the A5X processor but keeps the 1024×768 resolution. Better speed and better battery life. The lineup stays the same otherwise at 16, 32 & 64 GB. The price drops by $100 to $150 across the line.

    Six “low end” models might be way too much. If Apple does this (which I doubt very much they will), they might only do the 16 GB model — if anything.

    However, this would fit with the current strategy of selling the iPhone 4s, 4 & 3G in the current iPhone lineup.

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