Piper’s Munster on Apple iTV: ‘It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone’

“Piper Jaffray’s resident Apple analyst Gene Munster stands out as arguably the most outspoken proponent of an Apple-branded HD TV television set, the mythical iTV,” Christian Zibreg reports for 9to5Mac.

“Munster shed more light on what he thinks a full-blown television set adorned by the shiny Apple logo should be like, in yesterday’s interview with Bloomberg Radio’s Tom Keene and Ken Pruitt,” Zibreg reports. “Munster’s betting Apple will introduce the rumored product some time this year and is expecting a Fall availability.”

Zibreg reports, “You will want to buy it because: ‘It’s going to live up to some of the building hype. It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. There will never be an “Apple iTV.” Bloggers have written so much about this imaginary product that the real iTV has contacted Apple through their legal department twice, warning them not to use the name. Now imagine what would happen if Apple tried to buy the name of their five television networks, or just came out with a product by that name anyway?

    One time when I commented on the iTV name, the blogger himself replied that he knew the name was impossible, but he used it anyway because everyone else was using it. Yeah, and if all the other bloggers jumped off a cliff, I guess he would do it too.

    1. Whether a name of a product ever happens or not – is not the issue – but to claim something you are not in control of – nor have the right to decide on — is completely incomprehensible.

  2. I’m feel strongly that what the OBSERVER mentioned…
    …that with these things

    iPad3 + a Receiver + your HDTV + Software (siri/airplay)
    = the new iTV

    It’s so like Apple to go this route.

  3. After thinking about this for a while, I really have to hand it to Gene. He picked up something that Apple could conceivably do, and has been banging on it like a drum for a good 3 years, creating a nice little niche for himself in the process. The worst thing that could happen now is for Apple to actually release an iTV. He’d have to find something else to talk about.

    1. “The worst thing that could happen now is for Apple to actually release an iTV. He’d have to find something else to talk about.”
      Kind of like if abortions were outlawed in the U.S. What would Republicans talk about?

  4. The computer and the television have been on a collision coarse to be one unified device for some time. This convergence of devices is inevitable.

    Yet, how Apple makes this transformation – it will be like no other company sees or does. This pressure and focus almost is almost now a responsibility – it’s in Apples hands. And such a challenge – done well – is worthily of calling it the iTV — that is if they (Apple) so wishes. No threat or warning from a British TV Channel can fight and expect to win completely. Some agreement will come about it is up to Apple.

    Furthermore, if ever a device comes to fruition, Apple will patent this television specifically; as to what differentiates the device by its form and functions – from the British channel – soothing any confusion as to what these two things are. Got that.

    The day I saw the 27″ iMac – was the same moment I had accepted this device as my complete home entertainment system. Games, Movies, Music, Browsing. It fits in to my space and my lifestyle and allows me to work all at the same time. And I know its a computer okay!

  5. I’m yet to be convinced.

    Although an integrated TV from Apple with built in Apple TV would be good, there are so many big issues Apple would have to overcome.

    1. There are a multitude of different broadcast formats around the world, including a mix of cable, satellite and terrestrial, free to air/subscription channels, frequency ranges, etc. most TV manufacturers offer different ranges in different regions. This cuts against Apple’s normal universal device with only slight differences in firmware and different power adapter.

    2. With the iPhone and iPad, consumers are likely to upgrade every couple of years. TV’s are normally only upgraded every 6 to 10 years, which has a whole range of sub-issues;
    a. How do Apple persuade consumers to upgrade more often?
    b. unless the processing power is initially excessive, software upgrades would be restrictive and more difficult to manage.
    c. Apple are not accustomed to supporting devices for such a period of time. Could they afford to replace faulty devices 6 years down the line with the current model, in a similar way that the iPod nano replacement program now is?
    d. How much will a 10 year AppleCare policy cost!?!
    3. Logistics. TV’s are very large devices so all logistics including disrubution, store stock, customers dragging huge TV’s within busy Apple Stores and how do you get the TV to the genius bar!
    4. The current Apple TV has such a small footprint, is easy to install, so cheap, users are happy to upgrade often, and the expensive element (the screen) is universal, so users can take their ATV to a friends house, hotel or another room quite easily.

    I’ve just bought a high end Panny plasma and although I love Apple products, I would have still bought it even if Apple was selling a TV at the time of purchase. I certainly will not be buying a TV from Apple for at least 6 years as the Panny’s picture quality is awesome.

    It will be an extremely niche product for Apple, at least initially, but it would extend iOS into many more homes in the long run.

    I’m currently thinking there is a 5% chance of a TV appearing in 2012. iPad 3, iPhone 5, MacBook Air Pro and revamped Stores (App / iTunes), iCloud combined with iOS 6 / Mountain Lion will be what Apple focus’s on this year.

    I think it is more likely that Apple would launch new Digital life style products such as a new take on bridge / dslr cameras with build in video camera’s and iOS photo / video apps, 3D printers, cordless landline phones, Internet radios, universal remote controls, games console, etc. yes, current Apple devices could do some of these functions, there is still a huge market for stand alone devices.

    1. You point out the challenges very well.
      But it will happen – and Apple will do it differently – guaranteed.

      If you have a iMac and you view anything from iTunes then you already have a device that is pretty much where consumer televisions are now today.

      Have you been to Japan or China – have you see the televisions already with integrated internet in the set? Some HD TVs here are at this level. The technology is here for this to happen – but from Apple on March 7th no – maybe not even this year – but who knows. Those who need to HYPE this will… and that hype with assist Apple in the convergence and realization that they have done what no other company could have done. This will grant some honour and right to name this device what ever Apple pleases.

  6. The focus is not so much as a television – it is more about Apple getting into your house.

    Be this your entertainment system or computer. To those who don’t have a pc or mac or ever thought to buy a one.
    THEY WILL WANT IT – because they – you – and I – don’t know what we want until we see this.

    iTV or the iEN (oopps the Apple Entertainment Now device) – lol – names don’t matter and nor will we have that decision to make.

  7. The average American spends more time watching television than any other waking activity. Own the TV experience and you own the average American. If there is a forthcoming iTV, I’m sure the experience will be much more than an HDTV with an integrated legacy Apple TV. And I’m sure Apple will get up to 30% of everything the viewer spends. More importantly, although I might not replace all of the TVs in my house right away, I’m sure I’ll do one a year, the first one closely following iTV availability.

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