Apple wins German injunction against Motorola Mobility Android devices

“I just attended, at the Munich I Regional Court, the public pronouncement of a decision on another Apple v. Motorola lawsuit in Germany. Presiding Judge Dr. Peter Guntz announced that Apple has won an injunction against all Motorola Mobility devices that implement EP2059868 on a ‘portable electronic device for photo management,'” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “This patent was derived from the overscroll bounce patent I once dubbed ‘Apple’s favorite make-Android-awkward patent.'”

“If Apple enforces the ruling, it can even require Motorola to destroy any infringing products in its possession in Germany and recall, at MMI’s expense, any infringing products from German retailers in order to have them destroyed as well,” Mueller writes. “Motorola Mobility will undoubtedly be able to keep selling its products in Germany by modifying its operating software. Samsung is now also steering clear of infringement of a preliminary injunction ordered by a Dutch court over the same patent in August. There is a certain difference between the infringement findings of the two courts, but the fact of the matter is that Motorola will keep selling devices that will continue to have a photo gallery, though any workaround will definitely degrade the user experience.”

Mueller writes, “There’s no doubt that Apple and the prestigious Bardehle Pagenberg firm, which represents Apple against Motorola Mobility in Germany, are currently on a winning streak.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Like dominoes in slow motion, one by one they fall.


  1. First, Moto’s FRAND patents get thrown back in their face with an anti-trust case looming, then Apple gets an injunction against their products. The only one laughing about this is Sanjay Jha, who should consider a run for president after the wool he pulled over Google’s eyes. Worst. Acquisition. Ever.

  2. Could black hat Android developers offer free kluge software for the same thing like Jailbreak software junk is available for iPhone? Wouldn’t the ‘open’ Android platform just morph into the IOS doppelganger?

    1. You’re missing the big issue: very few people really jailbreak their device, and how many would really buy a device which gives an inferior user experience, selling for roughly the same price (or more), thinking that they’ll have to jailbreak it and install various hacks just to get the same/similar user experience found on an iPad?

      Answer: Very few. Those who do would never buy an iPad anyway, so the point is moot.

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