Apple debuts new TV ad ‘iCloud Harmony’ (with video)

Apple has debuted a new TV ad, “iCloud Harmony,” on U.S. broadcast and cable networks. The ad does not feature a voice-over and the music used is from an as-yet-unknown source (perhaps an original composition from GarageBand).

The ad shows Apple’s now-famous lifeless hand holding an iPhone 4S and a finger tapping “Use iCloud.”

Then the user is shown buying Kate Havnevik’s “You” album on their iPhone and the album automatically showing up on their iPad and MacBook Air; snapping a photo with their iPhone and having it automatically appear on their iMac in iPhoto and on their iPad; organizing appointments on their iPhone and having it automatically change on their MacBook Air and their iPad; installing Flipboard on their iPhone and having it automatically on their iPad; Adding a contact on their iPhone and having it appear on their MacBook Air; buying books on their iPhone and having them pop up on their iPad; taking more photos on their iPhone at the beach and having them appear on their iPad and MacBook Air at home.

The ad closes with the text: “Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud.” The text then changes to Apple logo and iPhone 4S.

MacDailyNews Take: iCloud. Yet another reason why people who have gone all-Apple are smarter, happier, and generally better looking.


  1. I just want to keep my MobileMe galleries and iDisk – well, ok, I can do without the iDisk… but the galleries work so nicely, and offer full resolution images, and downloading of the entire album or just images. Makes it so easy to distribute images to family and friends.

  2. Now SNL can make their version with a small child getting ahold of the iPad and really screwing somebody’s life up via calendar changes, wandering in on Momma with the camera while she has a ‘friend’ over, picture uploads to Dad’s phone, then gets posted on FaceBook,,,,,,oh, the riotous laughs ensue.

    two things
    Lock you iOS device down if it is shared.
    Apple, give us ‘User’ sign-ins or the ability to lock down certain screens to keep kids out of the Mail, Calendar, Settings, so on….

    1. I have been asking Apple to either give us user sign-in’s or password locks on email and calendars from the beginning of iOS. Please everyone email Apple and ask for the same thing. I don’t often share my iPhone, but I frequently share my iPad. We need a way to control these things. Perhaps Apple wants everyone to have their own device, but I am not going to buy a device for every kid in the family. More important to clothe, feed, and school them.

  3. Honestly, the iCloud thing is not appealing to me and after using it… it sucks. What exactly does it do? And how does it make me want to use it? It doesn’t. I miss mobile me, that was useful. Also, WTF with ping? Give it up already.

    1. Well, if you’re like millions of us you’ve got multiple devices. And now they are all on the “same page,” so to speak, without any effort on your part.

      I guess those of us with lives and precious time kind of like that automation.

  4. iCloud, iDisk, iWork (beta), Mobileme, Mobileme/iDisk… I love my Air, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 but this is insane and I can’t get to work that way. And, no, the apple web site doesn’t have useful instructions. I’ve followed everything there and I can’t get it to work the way they portray. (Basically, I’m looking for suggestions – beyond the trivial – and not snide comments.)

  5. I got the panicked call from a friend the other day…

    Him: “…Help, I got a picture in my Photostream that I don’t want my wife to see!”

    Me: “Sorry dude. Be more careful with your phone when you’re at the strip club! You have do delete it all!

    That is really short-sighted. You should be able to delete individual pics from your Photostream.

  6. I’ve got an iPhone, iPad 2 and a Mac. I love them all, but I am with Ann Teve on this issue. There is no way that iCloud works as shown in the commercial. I might be nice if it did, but it simply doesn’t.

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