Adobe makes it official: Photoshop Touch now available for Apple iPad 2; promises more apps to come

At Mobile World Congress, Adobe today announced that Adobe Photoshop Touch is now available for iPad 2, via the iTunes App Store. Adobe Photoshop Touch offers core Photoshop features, as well as new capabilities for creating and sharing in an app custom-built for tablets. The app is a central component of Adobe Touch Apps, a family of six intuitive touch screen applications, inspired by Adobe Creative Suite software. iPad versions of the other Adobe Touch Apps are expected later this year.

Adobe Photoshop Touch gives users the ability to combine multiple photos into layered images, make essential edits and apply professional effects to create beautiful artwork, touch up photos, paint, lay out ideas and much more. The Scribble Selection Tool allows users to easily extract objects in an image by simply scribbling on what to keep, and then what to remove. With Refine Edge technology from Photoshop, even hard-to-select areas with soft edges are easily captured when making selections. Photoshop Touch helps users quickly find images and share creations through integration with Facebook and Google Image Search.

“People will be amazed with what they can create on the iPad using Photoshop Touch,” said David Wadhwani, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Media Business Unit, Adobe, in the press release. “Photoshop Touch combines the magic of Photoshop and its core features with the convenience of a tablet, bringing image-editing power to the fingertips of millions of people.”

“Adobe Photoshop Touch offers a huge convenience factor and boasts cool Photoshop features tailored for the iPad,” said Brian Yap, creative director, Boxing Clever, in the press release. “Nearly all of the features I imagined being in Photoshop Touch are there, including the depth in layers, the extraction tools, and fade tool.”

“I love the organic process of working on the tablet. With Adobe Photoshop Touch, I have a new form of image creation with familiar tools but in a more relaxed work space, allowing me to rediscover image making through play rather than production,” Dan Marcolina, owner, Marcolina Design & Marcolina Slate, in the press release.

“My team and I put Photoshop Touch through the paces and it shines as a tool for on-the-go photo shoots,” said Tyler Stableford, photographer and director, Tyler Stableford Photography + Film, in the press release. “Time is always critical when taking pictures during the golden hours of light. With a wireless connection, the art director and I can place photos, immediately as we take them, into a layer with the client’s artwork. This is really helpful when shooting catalog covers.”

In addition to Photoshop Touch, Adobe expects to release the following touch apps for the iPad in the coming months: Adobe Collage for moodboards; Adobe Debut for presenting and reviewing creative work; Adobe Ideas for sketching; Adobe Kuler for exploring color themes; and Adobe Proto for website and mobile app prototyping.

Adobe Photoshop Touch is available today in the iTunes App Store for US$9.99. Photoshop Touch is available in most geographies with English language support. The app will run on iPad 2 running on iOS5.

More info and download link via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

Source: Adobe Systems Incorporated


  1. Rock and roll! Now they only need to bring out an InDesign app and then it’s up to Apple. Come on Mr Cook, what are you waiting for? Myself and other designers supported your company during the dark days by continually buying Macs so now it’s payback time – a 20inch Designer Edition iPad will do do it (and we don’t even need a retina display – just a facility to load new fonts on to the machine and a few other mods will suffice).

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with the boycott of Flash, and I deplore Adobe’s recent Quark/MS-like behaviour. But to call apps like Photoshop and Illustrator ‘crapware’ is a bit of a stretch.

      1. Illustrator is a great application yes.
        And I must use it for work purposes.

        However, I can do a lot in iDraw or VectorDesigner or Artboard or Intaglio (yup use them all) then bring my development to the office to finalize in Adobe Illustrator. Editable SVGs and PDFs nice to have.

  2. I have to decide whether to be pleased that Adobe has brought this app to iOS, or to feel slighted because they launched it first on Android. I understood when Adobe made Windows their main focus for desktops; 90% of users were there. But 90% of tablet users are on iPad. Launching a flagship app first on Android appears like a genuine F.U. to Apple from Adobe.

    1. Also a very good observation. Yeah Adobe is an Android lover.
      Honestly ,from the apps Adobe offers nothing from them has caught my eye.

      InkPad, first and foremost — but iDraw, iDesign, miniDraw, Intaglio Sketchpad all satisfy my vector needs on the iPad. Yes I use them all.

  3. wait for Pixelmator from brilliantly innovative UK brothers!

    boycott Adobe for these reasons:
    1. timing
    iPad PSD is too late

    2. insult
    Adobe developed Android version before iPad vers!
    iPad PhotoshopTouch starts at 1.1

    3. 2nd class
    Adobe has screwed Mac users for over a decade now.
    Apple is always treated as 2nd class since InDesign & CSS abuse. Apple made Adobe possible but Adobe has given their middle finger to Apple for far too long now – the latest debacle of which was the Flash war that Ado badly lost…

    4. abuse
    Adobe has long lost their mojo. they should be considered the Microsoft devil for Creative software industry. innovative my ass. much too expensive. and so militant about their legal battles with users who pirate. like the hollywood industry, they cry over spilled milk, but by punishing paying customers they alienate them and actually worsen their own situation by increasing piracy. they’re idiotic & unrealistic. and scared!

    Apple has proven how software can be simple, not over bloated, and damn affordable without sacrifice to quality!

    what is really innovative in psd for the last decade?!
    seriously – what feature is revolutionary not same old crap with tons of useless upgrade $?
    the biggest innovation is still psd History feature from 1998 but that was stolen from MetaCreations + LivePicture without credit.

    5. diluted
    psd touch for iPad can be expected to be at best a diluted psd. but since adobe seems so out of touch with their flash battle & falling asleep against their Quark battle too in eBook software, and since they’re more into profit than useful non-abusive tools for users, since they fear their downfall more than innovate, as they desperately and very late in the game produce several iOS apps what are useless, as they created a failed adobe Air platform etc., it is unlikely even psd touch is well written or coded or conceived.

    6. lame duck
    adobe is finished. they lost the Flash battle.
    they killed creativity over a decade ago. recall GoLive in 1999. recall Freehand11 2003 etc.
    like Microsoft or Dell or Google etc. they just buy to kill competition.
    they ride on past glory through updates/upgrades.
    they miss the Next Big Things.
    adobe missed eBooks, missed HTML5 etc.
    they have no vision. no mojo. no guts.
    they are desperados in fear.

    ADBE is 30 times smaller than AAPL this week!!
    $16B vs $487B
    so for ADBE to fight AAPL, compete or even try to screw AAPL,
    is so stupid, you can’t expect much from Adobe anymore.

    not that you should not rebel.
    but AAPL is just right.
    ADBE is always wrong.
    since they fear vs create.
    ADBE has no foundation to stand on.
    they will crumble like IBM.

    who can say they are in love with ADBE anyway?
    love & loyalty are long lost.

      1. I hope Pixalmator is on the iPAD too – but I bet Apple has a iPadPro or a AirSlate running OSX 10.6 and the real Pixalmator 2.7 full rocketing power.

        Apple the only one who can truly create a iPad killer.

  4. Adope hasnt seen a penny from me in decades.

    F Adope for killing the only good HTML editor Golive that was built for the Mac and peddling the Windows POS Nightmare Weaver and InmyassDesign, both crapware.

  5. I am still glad they invented InDesign, so much better than Quark XPress. Sure, Flash is outdated, and Premiere Pro is a mess. But InDesign is essential for publishing, and Photoshop, even totally bloated, is still by far the best for the CMYK workflow. Pixelmator is great, but lacks a lot of features I need every day. So there is light and shadow on Adobe, give them a fair chance. In my opinion they are no such bad guys like MS or Google or all those copycats.

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