Apple’s next-gen iPad production could hit 65-70 million in 2012; 60-73% increase over 2011

“A mix of suppliers and unnamed Korean press mentions have claimed that Apple is planning a dramatic increase in iPad shipments for 2012,” Electronista reports.

“Shipments for the new LCD panel, believed designed by Sharp but being manufactured by LG Display and Samsung, were said by the Commercial Times to be already booked to the order of 65 million to 75 million units for the year,” Electronista reports. “Versus production of about 40.5 million in 2011, it would represent 60 to 73 percent higher shipments than last year.”

Electronista reports, “Most rumors swirling around the iPad 3 have it arriving in March with a 2048×1536 display, an A6 processor, and possibly LTE on cellular-aware versions.

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  1. And if the U.S. military holds off buying iPads for flight crews until the lighter iPad 3 is out, that could amount to a significant weight/fuel/cost savings for us taxpayers. FWIW.

    1. Next version will not weigh less – It may go up a little with a larger battery …..

      And we are already talking a HUGE weight difference between manuals and iPad …. A Customer has a small plane and reported a 50 lb. loss, which was huge …..

      He now tells me he is realizing a gas savings of around $15 on his short 200 RT flights and that is huge – iPad will pay for itself quick as he makes 3-4 trips a month – Not to mention the hassle he said it saved and get this – He purchased his after he saw my iPad …..

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