Apple to stream live Paul McCartney concert via Apple TV, iTunes on February 9th

“Paul McCartney will host a [free], live streaming concert through iTunes on February 9th at 7PM Pacific time, according to an announcement,” iPodNN reports.

“The event is being hosted at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, and is meant to promote Kisses on the Bottom, a new McCartney album released on Tuesday,” iPodNN reports. “A ticker on McCartney’s iTunes artist page gives an exact countdown to the concert’s start.”

“Apple TV owners will be able to access the stream through a menu option. Under the Internet menu, the concert should be available via the iTunes Live option.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Regret to say that streaming to AppleTV2 was a bust. At first would not connect to content and then when it did it would freeze the stream. Maybe the servers were on overload?

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