Analyst sees Apple partnering with existing cable providers for some ‘iTV’ content

“Peter Misek with Jefferies presented his “what if” analyses related to content on the so-called ‘iTV’ in a note to investors on Monday. In what he sees as the most likely scenario, Apple could gain access to non-exclusive content for its television set and forge deals with existing cable providers,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“By potentially partnering with carriers and cable operators, Apple could enter the market on a level playing field with everyone else for content,” Hughes reports. “With access to a variety of content through existing providers, as well as the content already available on the iTunes Store, Misek believes that Apple could package everything with a ‘superior user interface and ecosystem’ and beat out the competition.”

Hughes reports, “In another option, he said Apple could buy access to exclusive content, much as Netflix has done for the ‘House of Cards’ program, and DirecTV has with its exclusive ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’ package. With ‘headline deals,’ such as a rumored bid on the English Premier League rights, he thinks Apple would gain buzz.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Canada’s Globe & Mail is reporting that both Rogers and Bell have had negotiations about partnering with Apple over iTV.

    That would kill iTV for most Canadians dead … that duopology of old-world throttling and some of the Western world’s worst ISP practices … I shudder. Those two need to be broken up so that they are not responsible for both content and delivery, and we need the industry-friendly CRTC to go away.

    I thought Apple had cracked the TV problem? Dealing with existing cable providers like these means nothing has really changed.

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