Apple updates Apple TV with Genius recommendations for movies and TV shows

“Apple has added its Genius recommendation system from iTunes to Apple TV, offering to suggest titles related to previous purchases,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The suggestions are available from new Genius menu options under both Movies and TV, opening listings of related content,” Dilger reports.

“iTunes already provides users with related recommendations in its optional Genius Sidebar, so the change is primarily a convenience to users looking for interesting content,” Dilger reports.

Screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: We updated our Apple TV units without issue.

Apple TV owners can get the update via Apple TV: Settings>General>Software Update


  1. Normally I would update straight away but considering Apple’s latest updates and the problems they have caused I shall be holding off for a little while & update in a couple of weeks

  2. “Genius” recommendations are either blindingly obvious or totally wrong. They are often hilarious (in the sense of “how in God’s name did they come up with that connection?”). All in all they are utterly pointless, condescending and perhaps a little bit frightening.
    One day we are going to look back fondly to a time when we could think for ourselves. Ah, but it’s optional you say. For now, maybe.

  3. I’ve never purchased anything on my AppleTV, so I don’t know if this would do anything for me. I always purchase on iTunes and stream to the AppleTV.


  4. Well I am a total fanboy with all the apple stuff they make, but as far as this goes, nothing seem to beat Netflix “Suggested for you”.

    If you rate your movies, as I do, over the months and years, the “suggested” movies get totally dead-on right. I am very impressed and glad about the programs I get recommended to me by them.

    Netflix, like Dropbox, seem like an area that Apple wants to but can’t seem to get a toe-hold on. MobileMe’s iDIsk could have been Dropbox, or Apple could have BOUGHT Dropbox, but no, we have to live with Dropbox being the best, or at least most commonly used, cloud storage solution around.

    Similarly Netflix streaming just beats apple’s iTunes rentals so badly. As a stock holder I’d rather my rental money go to Apple, but so far they haven’t got a mass-marketable solution, and they seem to be struggling to keep up.

    1. Netflix is fine, but the image quality lacks. The selection is great but if you are looking for a quality image, TV beats Netflix hands down. I always rent our movies in HD and project them in 720P. Netflix doesn’t even come close… and once you get used to HD, watching in a lower resolution is very disappointing.

  5. I recommended to a friend a Roku box and he recently bought it. He doesn’t have a flat screen television (nor cable for that matter) so Apple TV isn’t compatible with what he’s got. He likes the Roku alot with his Netflix subscription. I just mentioned today (and gave him a website for instructions) on how he can download Plex on his Mac. That will allow his Roku player to play any movies he has on his computer.

    He would have loved to have purchased an Apple TV if it worked with his non-flat screen television since he has an iPad 2 and could then stream with it and such. But since Apple decided not to give such situations an answer, he’s quite happy with his Roku box until he can afford a flat screen (which might take awhile to happen).

    1. (The Roku player doesn’t have the capability to play movies nor rentals purchased from iTunes, so thankfully he hasn’t gone that route yet for film.)

      If Apple had some way to make the Apple TV work with CRT televisions, they’d expand their Apple TV and iTunes store market greatly. I wonder how difficult that could have been. The Roku cost him about $70 and works with any TV. Apple TV costs $99 and only works with HDMI capable televisions.

  6. People still have CRT tvs? Surely apart from little used 2nd 3rd tvs few will be using them much longer, havn’t seen one for ages as a main tv. Cant see that market as something for Apple to worry about to be honest, they are looking to the future.

    1. LOL!

      Given that only 2/3’s of american households had ONE flat screen television in 2010 and given the current economy, CRT televisions for a large population IS the future for quite awhile. (Just because it doesn’t pertain to you, doesn’t mean there’s no need for it.)

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