Did Apple wait too long to fix Final Cut Pro X?

“This week, FCP X took another step towards becoming a credible replacement for the previous version. The 10.0.3 update, available free to existing users, includes two of the mission critical features promised last year. With multicam editing and broadcast video monitoring, post-production specialists may begin to feel more comfortable about upgrading. There are also significant improvements to the Chroma Key feature, and other essential enhancements,” Gene Steinberg writes for TechNightOwl. “There also appears to be an increase in third-party support. For example, FCP 7’s XML 1.1 enhancement brings with it more tools for video editors. The 7xX app, a $9.99 download from Intelligent Assistance, exploits XML to import FCP 7 projects into FCP X. That appears to remove at least one key objection from the existing user base.”

“The low price of FCP X and its add-ons make it possible for more and more students and others entering the industry to acquire professional tools to help perfect their skills. In the end, Apple might actually build a much larger user base, and those users will, of course, continue to buy the most powerful Macs to handle video editing chores,” Steinberg writes. “There’s even third-party support for Thunderbird peripherals, meaning that you won’t need to drag a Mac Pro with you on a remote shoot. A MacBook Pro may be just fine.”

Steinberg writes, “All in all, despite taking a short-term hit, maybe Apple’s long-term plans will be vindicated. But it would have helped if they had done the right thing on the very first day, making sure that loyal customers knew what was happening and what to expect before they were struck with an unpleasant surprise.”

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    1. I’m sure Apple sees OMF as old and far down path of obsolescence especially with aaf being a more modern substitute.

      ProTool’s x2pro will get aaf out of FCPX for $70

      Avid’s Digitranslator will convert aaf to omf for $500

      Eventually keeping that old car running costs more than a new one.

      One would hope audio facilities, insisting on OMF, would pony up $500 in order keep using this old format.

  1. Over the past few years Apple has been demonstrating a serious lack of wisdom with its software – coming up with shiny new cool stuff while forgetting practicality. iMovie 08 took an exceptionally easy to use consumer product and turned it into a confusing nonintuitive mess, thereby undermining its intended purpose. Lion does unexpected saves during editing without the user being aware, causing you to search for the previous version instead of just getting to work, the elimination of save as makes things much more difficult; the elimination of certain keystrokes in Finder for no reason causes a productivity hit… It is nuts.
    When they killed all new old stock upgrades for FCP – sent them to a landfill – that was a problem. On a tight budget I had to choose between storage and upgrades. When I heard that X was released, I immediately tried to buy the 7 upgrade but it was gone within 24 hours. I could buy an entirely new license for three times the cost of the upgrade, but no upgrade. Apple is way out of touch. Its like the Apollo sun god set in the intro segments of From the Earth to the Moon – it only makes sense when seen from the final camera position. Move the slightest degree away from that one point of view and it is a jumbled mess.

  2. I coined the term Blunderbolt because after 2 years you can count the makers of Thunderbolt devices and cables on one hand. For all their money Apple really suck at the little things or any follow through. For instance I love my iPhoto and it has brought digital personal photos but I also have 2000 analogue negatives and so does every other iPhoto user on the planet…common Apple I am waiting for a follow through solution…. I find nerds boring

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