Apple Macs invade the corporate market

“General Electric might seem to be the last place that Apple laptops and desktops would appear in workers’ offices, but the technology is slowly seeping into daily life at the 120-year-old conglomerate,” Kate Linebaugh reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Under a year-old pilot project, GE employees can choose Apple’s Mac notebooks or desktops instead of a Windows PC,” Linebaugh reports. “It now has about 1,000 Mac users and expects their ranks to expand further as more employees become aware of the program… GE has not trumpeted the Apple option for computers and laptops internally, and as a result, employee awareness is limited.”

“Apple has very little of the corporate computer market but is making progress, according to Forrester Research, which estimates that the Cupertino, Calif., company will sell $9 billion worth of Macs and $10 billion worth of iPads to businesses this year, up about 50 percent from last year,” Linebaugh reports. “In comparison, corporate spending on PCs and tablets not made by Apple will decline three percent this year to $69 billion, the research firm projects.”

MacDailyNews Take: So, of the total $88 billion in corporate spending, Apple Macs and iPads are expected to account for $19 billion, or 21.6% of corporate spending on PCs and tablets? That doesn’t seem like “very little of the corporate computer market” to us.

“Expanding its presence at a large customer like GE would give a boost to Apple and could put pressure on the conglomerate’s incumbent PC suppliers, including Dell and Lenovo. The development echoes Apple’s initial effort in smartphones that later became a real threat to companies like BlackBerry maker Research In Motion,” Linebaugh reports. “GE started offering its employees the iPhone as an alternative to BlackBerrys in 2008. Now, it says about 10,000 GE employees carry the Apple smartphone, compared with 50,000 using BlackBerrys.”

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MacDailyNews Take:
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The age of iOS
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  1. Not just industry but Apple is also making inroads in (some/many) educational institutions.

    I work at a community college and Apple laptops in use are probably now 1 in 4 vs 1 in 10 just a few years ago. Plus Macs have been brought into the library and many classrooms, another big change over the last few years in once was an MS-only “shop” (IT leasing Dells for desktops and portables). Even most senior administrators use iPads on a regular basis

    Microsoft must be getting desperate and panicking as it has recently started offering Office for Windows and Mac and Windows 7 (Pro or Ultimate) upgrades for FREE to students.

    MS must be worried seeing this generation accepting and growing up with Apple products, which will probably lead to continued use as they “grow up”, leading MS to try to hook (bribe) them with the free software give aways.

    It worked for Windows (used at work so usually used at home) but now that Apple is making inroads in business, education and personal life, that MS/WIndows lock-in from the past is no longer assured.

    As a longtime Apple/Mac advocate here, it does (finally) make me happy and smile a lot . About my only gripe is, what took so long? 🙂

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