Apple could allow rumored iTV owners to upgrade every year using A-series modules

“Like many TV makers at CES, Apple’s rumored entry into the HDTV market was the specter in the room at Samsung’s Monday afternoon press conference,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“However, unlike other makers who are flailing around blindly trying to add new bullet points to their spec sheets in the face of Apple entering the industry, Samsung’s next-gen Smart TV has a plan,” Brownlee reports. “Here’s the primary dilemma of Apple entering the HDTV market. Apple’s whole business strategy essentially rests in selling customers a newer, shinier, better version of a device every two-three years. How do you apply that model to televisions, though? … People don’t buy televisions that way. But what if, instead of selling people a brand new TV every two-three years, you make your money by selling them modular upgrades on a yearly basis, and a major new set only every five-ten years.”

Brownlee reports, “So imagine this. You spend $2,000 on an Apple iTV with a top-of-the-line A6 processor, but when Apple announces the iTV 2, it’s not an upgrade to the display: it’s an affordable upgrade to the iTV A6 module that gives any iTV out there the same core processing and video power as the latest model.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” and “Jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. In a moment of blinding insight, Brownlee wrote, “Apple’s whole business strategy essentially rests in selling customers a newer, shinier, better version of a device every two-three years.”

    Migod, Brownlee! You’ve done it! You’ve discovered Apple’s secret! Yep, that’s all there is to it, just make a new shiny thing every 2 or 3 years and you too can become the world’s largest tech company!

  2. The big fat elephant is the room is:
    WHEN do we get ala carte TV at a sane price?

    This isn’t an Apple or a Samesung hardware/software situation. This is a corporate mandate problem whereby programing is ONLY sold in packages these days, or piecemeal according to the whim of a website.

    This conglomerate method of watching and paying for TV is NOT what the consumer wants. The ala carte TV desire is now DECADES old with decades of disrespect from the media sources who refuse to give the consumer what they want.

    IF this fist in the face of consumers ever ends, it will because media corporations woke up and joined the 21st century.

    MAYBE Apple or Samesung, etc. could coerce the media sources to get with the program, but there is NO sign of change in the air that I’m aware of, only chatter. This continues to be a bad era for media consumers and a gouge/greed/garbage era for the media Corporate Oligarchy.

  3. AppleTV is iTV.

    AppleTV is cheaper to manufacture, has higher margins, is easy for a consumer to justify upgrading yearly with such a small price tag, and users can travel with it. You can’t travel with big screen tv. And it’s compatible with any HDMI equipped set. I’ve gone through 5 different phones, including 3 iPhones since the last time I bought a tv, and I have no immediate plans to upgrade anytime soon.

    There really isn’t any good reason for Apple to manufacture a branded television.

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