Now Samsung’s slavishly copying Apple’s iPad television ads (with videos)

Samsung’s “newest Korean ad, however, seems to take cues from Apple’s own advertising style, focusing on a more emotional connection with the viewer,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors. “The ad depicts a father and daughter playing with a Galaxy Tab in a sequence of shots reminiscent of Apple’s own iPad ads. The voice over says (rough translation): ‘You try to have fun with me, you try to win against me, you ask me millions of questions, you sit on my lap, you want to stay beside me all the time, strangely, when I stay with you time passes very quickly. This is a precious time.'”

“Apple’s own ads have long followed a similar style, focusing on experience than specs: We’ll Always, Love, and Learn,” Kim reports. “While Apple doesn’t have an exclusive claim to this style of ad, it’s just shows how Samsung is trying to position their products comparably to Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A stolen product marketed with a stolen ad. Samsung knows no shame.

Regardless of glacial and fallible courts and judges, we consumers can swiftly exact a measure of justice on our own:

Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Andrew W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Even the kid under the blanket, jeez!

    Saw a newspaper ad for Samsung TVs, with a mock-up screen image of an orange and white clownfish amidst green anemone. You know, like the default on the very first iPhone.

    Thermonuclear war is the only appropriate response.

  2. I just bought a 60″ HDTV by Sharp. I didn’t even consider Samsung TVs because of their continued practice of ripping off Apple.

    As a long-time AAPL stockholder, I feel it’s my duty to put my money where my mouth is…though in this case, I guess it’s putting my money where my money is. 🙂

    1. Boycott Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo and Dahon bicycles.

      Samsung and LG brands are also threatening the survival of many good old American appliances/computer brand names such as GE, Maytag, Whirlpool, Jennair, HP, etc. I went to a Best buy today and was shocked enough to see Samsung and LG fridges and stoves occupied the entire store displays. What is happening to all the great and reliable US products??

  3. Dig in deep Samsung. The more you’re stuck in the mire of plagiarism the easier to grab your head and rip it off. Darn, it’s going to hurt you REAL bad. 😆

    samsung, you are soooo screwed

    Every considered originality? Innovation? Creativity? No speak the English?

  4. I’m really happy with my LG LED LCD TV which I bought to use with Apple TV and possibly with a blue ray DVD. What I like about the LG model is that there are very few bells and whistles but the picture is GREAT, so it’s good to use as a component because it doesn’t try do do EVERYTHING like the Samsung models that have a lot of digital crapware to bloat their price built in.

  5. Apple fanbois are a pack of hypocrites. Apple clearly ripped of Androids notification system, launching Apps from the lock screen, tweet from anywhere, tabbed browsing and desktop/laptop freedom. In 2010 Steve Jobs said “In multitasking, if you see a task manager… they blew it.” guess what Apple blew it.

    Talk about the pot calling the Kettle black.

    1. The real question is why haven’t Apple gone after design rights for the actual look of iOS rather than just the look of the iPad. Maybe the reason is Apples so called design actually looks an awful lot like the LG Prada released a year before the iPhone. Everyone knows what happened with the GUI and mouse when Apple claimed they invented those also. Even more they have just applied for a patent for face unlock. I wonder where they stole that idea from.

    2. Actually, I think a lot of the interface tweaks implemented in both iOS and Android have their origins in the jailbreak scene. And notifications or not, there would *be* no Android without iOS.

      Enjoy the ad.

          1. I like how Apple evangelists always take photos of the expanded application tray in Android and post it like it’s proof of copying iOS… clearly because it has icons on a screen? Think Palm had that one covered well before either company decided to get in the phone business. Are they paying royalties? The thing to notice in the “article” is that there is a background on the homescreen. Apple didn’t “innovate” this until iOS4 by which time everyone else in the mobile world had had this ability for several years (even on cheap-as-hell “dumb-phones.”) Until then Apple eaters were like: “Oh, it’s not a good idea! Think of the clutter!” When Apple finally came around, Oh, it’s actually best thing ever! And now you can get a “white one” too! Pathetic.

          2. Actually that pretty close to Android 0.9 which I had running on my old htc tytn II. Icons at the bottom, notification bar at the top, Icons and widgets in between. Pretty close to Android today.

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