Dvorak: ‘I wouldn’t be betting against Apple anytime soon’

“I’m often asked at what point should someone short high-flying Apple (AAPL) shares? My response is simple: When the company starts closing stores and pulling back from retail, then the tide has turned,” John C. Dvorak writes for MarketWatch.

“The first Apple store opened in 2001, and 10 years later it has 368, with more to come,” Dvorak writes. “They have proven to be a bonanza.”

“So how much more can Apple grow the retail business?” Dvorak asks. “I see no reason why Apple cannot have 1,000 stores that would all be successful… So right now, the sky is the limit. I wouldn’t be betting against Apple anytime soon.”

Full article — with some bloated gasbaggery about Apple buying Staples, too — here.


  1. He just signed Apple’s death certificate. Everything this man advises, I do the opposite. I have made huge sums of money by going against this twit. I will be selling all of my Apple stock tomorrow. The man is almost biblical in terms of how many times he can be wrong. I give Apple at the most 6 months. Thanks Dvorak for putting the Dvorakian curse on my favorite company.

  2. Even Dvorak, who ain’t too bright, got this one right. The crap that some so-called “analysts” are publishing makes you wonder whether anybody cares at all about the truth or falsity of what is published. Apparently not. As long as the headline draws page hits, “it’s all good.” NOT.

    1. Dvorak has trashed Apple many times in the past. But it has probably been a few months – long enough for a “pundit” to flip-flop with very little scrutiny from the world at large.

      But we remembers…doesn’t we Precious? We remembers the nasty Dvorak trolling for hits by sowing Apple FUD. Don’t forget, don’t forgive. Dvorak is and always will be a tool. And he will turn on you whenever he sees an opportunity to turn a buck.

  3. “high-flying AAPL shares”?

    Apple is flying high (and has been for years) but the shares are undervalued. The P/E ratio is low, comparable with a low-growth stalwart, but Apple’s future earnings are likely going to be stratospheric.

    Dvorak is still as confused as ever.

  4. Most of the big growth is over. The time to get in was a long time ago. I bought my 1st shares at less than $10/share (pre-split) and accumulated through about $300-320. Sold almost all at $402 or so a share earlier this year.

    If you wish to keep your Apple stock, fine. There are better investments out there.

    Not trolling, just being honest.

    1. Which investments sport? rimm? 😉

      “most of the big growth is over.” – I guess you haven’t seen Apple’s quarterly reports lately. I think I remember people saying that at $100, $200, $300 and now $400.

      1. In 2001 it was pre split (@ $90) and could be had for less than $10/share ($5 split adjusted) and has since run to over $400. I doubt you will ever find another such sustained growth over so much time again.

        Apple is a sound investment, just not one with explosive price per share growth. If the price drops back, I ‘ll accumulate. Right now I am investing in dividend paying companies a few fast growing techs and an ETF that excludes the US (on the cheap right now).

        All politics aside, I’m kind of pessimistic about the US going forward. I don’t see any sign that the US will be getting it’s fiscal house in order AND investing wisely in it’s future

  5. Hey the guy was right at least one other time.

    When he claimed apple was going x86 all I heard was a bunch of people calling him an idiot and yet he nailed that one.

    Hopefully the stars aligned and he is right just one more time with this piece.

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