Argentina blocks sales of Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry to bolster home economy

“The Argentinians won’t be able to buy iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones from now on, or at least until the Argentinian economy is back on its feet again,” reports.

“The Argentinian Government made a surprising decision these days and blocked the sales of the iPhone and BlackBerry devices,” reports. “The Argentinian Government have took some measures to reduce the inflation level andВ strengthen the Pesos / US dollar currency parity. One of them was to block the sales of certain electronics temporar[ily], among them iPhone and BlackBerry phones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Protectionism.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. An this will really help the trade imbalance…. Seems to me it will only hurt their businesses that depend on the sale of those products to make a living …. And will saddle their population with inferior products…seems not too well thought out … But then hastily formed plans may have gotten them in trouble to begin with

  2. Isn’t that kinda unfair for foreign businesses? You can’t sell your products here without building a plant here first.

    I didn’t even know policy like this actually exist.

  3. On MDN, it’s a necessary measure due the US Government interventionism on Latin American Countries, you Americans live well but you don’t realize they yo government is fucking Latin america, I suggest to you watch the documentary “South of the border” from Oliver Stone, so you can see how your government lie to the us citizens and how they are fucking all poor countries in LA

    1. So I recommend that you read the “Guide to the Perfect Latin American Idiot” to learn that the only one causing all this retardment is the Latin Americans themself electing governments made of oppressors and demagogues like this Kirchner.

  4. DCW. Dead Country Walking.

    I agree that the subversives within the US government have had a long term policy of screwing over susceptible countries. But in the case of Argentina, casting the blame for explosive inflation elsewhere is significantly disingenuous. Argentina has a very long history of internal exploitation leading to, among other things, the ruination of its own financial system. Clearly the isolation of the country from foreign products is an act of dire desperation.

    I wish Argentina a better future and I wish the psychopathic exploiters within the US government a swift fulfilment of their ultimate desire for self-destruction. 😯

  5. Just like Argentina 10 years ago, we need in this country a Peaceful Pot Protest(r) PPP, to stop the banksters from imploding the economy and put them in jail.
    Do Americans have the cojones to do that?, we’ll see next year!!

  6. “Protectionism.”

    You say that like it’s a dirty word.

    Too much protectionism can fail miserably, but a little of it isn’t a bad thing. If we’d employed a little protectionism, maybe we’d still have a manufacturing base in this country, instead of importing everything from China.


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