Apple outdrew Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy in November website visitors

comScore has released its monthly analysis of U.S. web activity at the top online properties for November 2011 based on data from the comScore Media Metrix service. Millions of Americans began their holiday shopping in November, driving most of the Web activity during the month. Among the top- gaining retail categories were Toys, Consumer Electronics and Mall sites, each posting strong gains of more than 25 percent versus October. Coupon sites assisted shoppers in finding promotional codes, discounts and free shipping deals with ease.

“The holiday shopping season got off to a strong start in November as many Americans looked to cash in on early shopping promotions and discounts,” said Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore. “Savings still appear to be a priority for consumers this season, as observed by the increase in visitors to Coupon sites, especially around the time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”

Toys and Gadgets for All
Toy sites posted the strongest gains in November, growing 34 percent to 28.9 million visitors. Toysrus Sites ranked first in the category with 15.6 million visitors, a 71-percent increase versus October, earning it a spot on the top-gaining properties list. The LEGO Group came in second with 4.4 million visitors (up 12 percent), followed by Disney Shopping with 2.2 million (up 37 percent), with 2.1 million (up 89 percent) and Fisher Price with 1.9 million (up 32 percent).
Consumer Electronics sites also fared well in November, jumping 28 percent to 59.1 million visitors, as flat panel TVs, e-readers and tablets continue to be popular items this holiday season. ranked #1 in the category with 35.3 million visitors (up 78 percent), followed by eBay Electronics U.S. with 7.7 million (up 19 percent), RadioShack Corporation with 5 million (up 69 percent) and with 4.2 million (up 26 percent). Showing exceptional growth was, which surged 107 percent to 2 million visitors.

Luxury Items Dazzle Shoppers
24 million Americans browsed Jewelry, Luxury Goods and Accessories sites, up 23 percent, as many consumers decided to indulge in more extravagant gifts this season. secured the #1 position with 2.4 million visitors (up 40 percent), followed by Zale Corporation with 2 million (up 58 percent), with 2 million (up 51 percent) and with 1.9 million (up 22 percent). Kay Jewelers rounded out the top five with 1.5 million, doubling versus October.
1 in 4 Visitors to Retail Sites also visited Coupon Sites
Browsing Coupon sites was an essential part of the online shopping experience for many holiday shoppers in November, with the category growing 12 percent to 49 million visitors. Category leader Groupon attracted 11.8 million visitors (up 2 percent), followed by Coupons, Inc. with 8.3 million, with 7.4 million (up 24 percent) and LivingSocial with 4.2 million (up 1 percent). was a big gainer in the category, jumping 756 percent to more than 4 million visitors. drew 2.7 million visitors (up 1 percent), followed by with 2.5 million (up 41 percent) and with 2.1 million (up 46 percent).

Top 50 Properties
Google Sites ranked as the #1 property in November with 186.7 million visitors, followed by Microsoft Sites with 175.5 million and Yahoo! Sites with 174.5 million. Amazon Sites jumped to fifth place with 112.9 million visitors. Target Corporation leaped 20 positions in the ranking to secure the #26 ranking with 40.2 million visitors. Best Buy Sites and Sears Sites were new to the list at #29 and #38, respectively.

comScore Top 50 Properties (U.S.) November 2011 Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations

Source: comScore, Inc.


  1. Web hits does not exactly equal retail sales, although there probably is some correlation. When looking at sales volume comparisons with Amazon you have to take into consideration Apple also has it’s B&M retail stores. It would be interesting to see what percentage of Apple’s sales volume is online vs. in-store purchases.

  2. Out side of the title of this article, Apple, Inc. was not mentioned once. If Apple, Inc. did indeed out-drew Walmart, Target & Best Buy in website visitors for the month of November, then the article should at least mention it, don’t you think?

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