Apps for Google Android make only 24% as much as same apps for Apple iOS devices

“If Android has the numbers, why are more developers flocking to Apple?” Erick Schonfeld writes for SeekingAlpha. “The answer is simple. They make more money on Apple devices.

“Flurry, which has 135,000 apps across both Android and iOS using its analytics, just released some very interesting comparison numbers. It looked at a sample of in-app purchase data from apps with more than a million daily active users with versions on both Android and Apple,” Schonfeld reports. “Flurry found that the Android apps produced only 24 percent as much revenue as the same apps on iOS.”

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Peter Farago reports for Flurry, “Developers consistently tell us that they make more money on iOS, about three to four times as much. To be sure, we pulled a sample of in-app purchase data from a set of top apps with versions on both iOS and Android, comprising of several million daily active users (DAUs). Running the numbers, we find that, on average, for every $1.00 generated on iOS, the same app will generate $0.24 on Android.”

Flurry Analytics Cross-platform developer revenue comparison: iOS vs. Android

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MacDailyNews Take: When you have a choice of catering to customers with money and the will to spend it versus those on constant lookout for Buy One Get One (or More) Free deals, choose the former.

Cheapskates who settle for inferior, highly-derivative goods make awful customers.

Smart developers develop for iOS and port watered-down apps — due to extensive fragmentation, not all features can make the cut — to the lesser platforms, if they bother at all.

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  1. Google eliminated all android profits for the foreseeable future when they purchasd a fleet of executive jets and decided to store them in a redundant NASA hangar.

    Geniuses putting their investors cash where it matters.

  2. this together with the info that the iPhone takes 50+ % of the world’s cellphone profits and some carriers saying iPhone is 80% of their HIGH end phone sales is additional proof that Android is mostly only replacing cheap flip and feature phones that don’t traditionally use lots of apps . IPhone holds the bulk of the Super Phone or App Phone market.

    1. Exactly. Lots of dumb phones are being replaced by low cost touch-based phones. I suspect that many of those are purchased without data plans and, as a result, offer only modest capability improvements over their dumb phone predecessors – mainly a larger display, greater customization, and a few built-in apps.

      I have a crappy touch phone that isn’t much better than a dumb phone. One of these days I will get an iPhone.

  3. Apple also has a superior developer experience on iOS.

    The Android SDK is good, but you’ve got heavy fragmentation over multiple devices and I’m sorry but the eclipse IDE can only be considered a good IDE if you yearn for the days of being beaten as a child.

    Its like most Java apps on the desktop, just garbage, or a small step up from garbage.

  4. It just proves that there are less people with the ability to think deeply and discern real value over those that simply compare prices and spec’s. There’s no surprise there.

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