Strategy Analytics: With 32% share, Apple leading ‘Connected TV’ market with ‘hobby’ Apple TV

“While consistently branded as a being ‘hobby’ for Apple, sales of its $99 Apple TV set top box had made it the most popular device in the category, predicted to sell nearly 4 million of the the nearly 12 million TV boxes in the market,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“A report by Strategy Analytics, Apple is the leading set top TV box vendor, ahead of dedicated TV box systems from Boxee, Iomega and Roku, TV box products by hard drive vendors Western Digital and Seagate, and Android-based Google TV licensees Sony and Logitech,” Dilger reports. “‘Apple is leading this nascent market, which it still considers a ‘hobby,'” says Jia Wu, Strategy Analytics’ Senior Analyst of the Connected Home Devices (CHD) service.”

Dilger reports, “The marketing firm noted that only 8 percent of US households currently own a ‘connected TV’ player, but of that population, 32 percent have chosen Apple’s model. Additionally, among connected TV users, more Apple users were actually paying for TV and movies. The firm found that 30 percent of Apple TV owners paid to rent movies or TV shows, compared to just 20 percent of users of other devices.”

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Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors, “According to the report, Apple is predicted to reach sales of four million Apple TV units for 2011.”

“Rumors are increasingly pointing to the debut of a connected television set from Apple as soon as late next year. Such a device would presumably integrate many of the aspects of the current Apple TV box such as iTunes Store access and streaming from iOS devices directly into the television set,” Slivka reports. “Apple is also said to have been working on revolutionary Siri-powered voice input for interacting with the television.”

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  1. Rumors are misleading. All new TVs are becoming internet connected, meaning Apple, MicroSoft, Google, Netflix, etc are all “coming to TV” in one way or another. Major studios are making streaming deals with everyone, via Xbox, AppleTV, TiVo, ISP set top boxes, you name it. Locally, Telus is offering a free Xbox 360 or Android tablet with sign up as they can can also serve as digital terminals.

    Whether built-in or stand-alone, an AppleTV just is not as compelling a purchase as an Xbox 360, meaning Apple has a huge hill to climb. Also, Dilger fails to note many AppleTVs are being used as a cheap platform for XBMC, not for Apple’s content at all.

  2. Since getting an Apple TV I have installed a digital antenna ($75) for local broadcast channels, and eliminated cable TV altogether. Netflix provides all the movies I care to see, and I don’t have to wade through 300 channels (stuffed with advertising) to find them. When I want to watch sports I join friends at a sports bar (game is vastly more fun with friends). The only thing I get from Comcast today is internet, and that is going away as soon as I find a suitable alternative. My cable bill dropped from $180/month, to $49.

  3. Phaff!! NOTHING beats Google TV!

    all my android pals say it’s the most wonderful product.
    I’ll know personally myself once I get the unit which I bought several months ago to work. I know that if I fiddle enough around with it I’ll get it function properly and it’s be absolutely mind blasting GREAT! I’m having a bit of trouble as I can’t read the thick User Manual now, it’s a bit worn but I can get a PDF copy off the internet and I’ll figure it all out soon..

    The people with Apple TVs in my neighbourhood are breezing along watching and renting movies and streaming their music — WASTING THEIR TIME — while I’m LEARNING tech repair and Engineering fiddling with my Google TV. Learning to use my Google TV undoubtedly will help me in my Night Classes training to be a PC repairman.

    My Google TV is WONDERFUL.

  4. I love my AppleTV, it sits on the wall mount out of site and I
    can even use the remote that came with my TV. So it is completely
    integrated and invisible. Pretty smart-thanks Apple!

  5. Wow. I love my Apple TV, but I’m still surprised. I figured Roku had all the buzz in that category. Must be due to the internet echo chamber.

    I hope this results in more programming coming to Apple TV in the future.


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