Apple wins patents for iPhone MIMO-SDMA algorithms and next-gen circuit boards for thinner iOS designs

“The US Patent and Trademark Office [has] officially published a series of fifteen newly granted patents for Apple Inc.,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

Purcher reports, “The first patent covers the iPhone being able to order and pay for items such as fast food over a wireless network. The second and third patents cover the very complex subject of signal processing algorithms for wireless MIMO communication systems. And lastly, we look at Apple’s reinvention of the circuit board that discusses multi-part substrate assemblies that allow Apple to design ever thinner iOS devices”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. The funny and sad part about reading this is it fundamentally means squat. The assemblers will copy, Apple will sue, every wanker fandroid will claim patent shouldn’t be given for such “obvious” things and Google will again be allowed to flourish with Apples inventions.

    I want to see Android burn to the ground. I use to think it was Microsoft that was lame. Now, I hate Google and Android to my very core for enabling Korean companies to take all the gains based on supposed free IP.

    1. I have to agree.

      getting patents is good but unfortunately often courts are stupid in enforcing them.

      several times already we’ve seen rulings where the judge of the committee like ITC saying something like “yeah, yeah Apple’s got the patents but we’re ruling against it for – competitive purposes – for the good of the public – or recently in California : ‘the judege didn’t rule in apple’s favour because although Samsung violated its patents Apple can’t prove it has been harmed – presumably as apple is making so much money – and the judge concluded that ‘apple has to prove that its patent is valid’ (so even if you’re granted a patent it means squat to the judge as you have to prove its validity again) “.

      — I’m no legal expert by any means but as a layman that’s what I’m been feeling reading the judgements.

      by the time patents are granted rivals are already pumping devices out and judges are reluctant to enforce the patents for ‘the good of the public’.

    2. Android’s death will come at the hands of Oracle. Google has pretty much admitted in court to copying Oracle’s Java to make the Android system. Oracle, like Apple, isn’t interested in licensing their patents.

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