Consumer Reports ranks Verizon best, AT&T worst among US carriers

“Consumer Reports on Tuesday revealed the results of its annual survey of US carriers, which found Verizon ranking highest and AT&T coming in last among America’s four largest wireless providers,” AppleInsider reports.

“This year is not the first time that AT&T ranked last in the Annual Cell Service Provider Survey, as the carrier has struggled for years with poor consumer perception in the face of coverage woes,” AppleInsider reports. “Last year, the survey similarly found that AT&T fared poorly across the board, earning the worst possible score in all categories related to value, service and customer support, except for the ‘texting’ service category.”

AppleInsider reports, “Verizon maintained its place atop the big four U.S. carriers this year, though the nation’s largest wireless provider was followed closely in the rankings by Sprint. Both Verizon and Sprint began offering Apple’s iPhone, ending a years-long exclusive arrangement between Apple and AT&T.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Never mind that, which vacuum cleaner did those tech illiterates recommend to grandma?

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  1. Reports like this are too broad to pay any attention to, especially with the mobile carrier industry. It’s all about where you are located. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in my household, there are 5 iphones (including myself). Four of them are on AT&T and i’m on Verizon. Their reception in my house is abysmal, while i have all my bars filled. In other places, the opposite is true.

    That’s the beauty of having the iPhone on multiple carriers now. You can get one on the carrier that is the best in your area.

  2. in switched from AT&T to Verizon because I was tired of dropped calls and having only 1 bar or no 3G at allwhile at homeand when I brought this to AT&T attention they tried selling me MORE equipment to improve THEY’RE service that I’m ALREADY paying for (some sort of mini-cell) and the dead zones that I experienced we’re ridiculous!!! through heavily populated areas iff of major highways but everytime driving through I would lose 3G service, so I switched to Verizon so far I’m happy, customer service so far is excellent I would say there was a trade off in reliability vs speed, in my experiences AT&T was faster but less reliable. now with Verizon I have service everywhere but slightly slower download speeds. I do miss talk and surf feature but if your on wifi u are able to do both, also soon as jailbreak is available for my iPhone 4s, the same app that tricks your phone into face timing on 3G will also allow you to talk and surf on 3G as well so I’m not worried just waiting patiently for that.

    I even left all my rollover minutes and unlimited data plan with AT&T for Verizon so I’m paying more by 60% but I am way more satisfied!!!

    no comment about sprint (noobs😲)

    1. it’s called a micro cell. and if you push AT&T they will end up giving it to you free.

      the Jailbreak reason you mention.. I could see that as a good reason. People that were always on verizon or never had an AT&T iPhone don’t “get” why talk and surf at the same time is so great. those that have it… love it. (at least those that use it)
      If I had to switch off AT&T.. I bet i would jailbreak again just so I could have my voice/data back.

      1. Someone (who should know- a engineer for Sprint) told me that it is a fundamental issue with CDMA not a restriction imposed by Verizon and Sprint (and can never be rectified. The restriction will only disappear when WiMax or LTE are ubiquitous)
        If true I don’t see how “jail-breaking” could/would change anything.

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