U.S. Senator Al Franken presses wireless companies and hardware makers for Carrier IQ answers

“Sen. Al Franken, who heads a Senate privacy panel, is asking wireless companies and hardware makers exactly how they’re using Carrier IQ and what data they’re collecting,” Declan McCullagh reports for CNET.

“A Sprint spokesman confirmed to CNET this morning that the company received a letter from Franken, the Minnesota Democrat who wrote a similar letter to Carrier IQ last week,” McCullagh reports. “Franken also sent letters to AT&T, HTC, Samsung, and Sprint Nextel, according to a report over the weekend in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.”

McCullagh reports, “Franken, who alleged the use of Carrier IQ may violate privacy laws, asked the companies for a response by December 14. They’re under no legal obligation to reply, though it’s customary for companies to do so.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. Franken should be a joke no matter what party you belong to that some liberals tolerate and defend him because he is a democrat is deplorable (blind partisan doofus as you said) but I don’t think dave is defending him…

        1. … he replaced was a thief.
          Which would you guys prefer? An honest joker or a dishonest, self-enriching money-grubber? OK … I guess that leaves it up to like-on-like as neither is a really great choice. So … which are YOU more like? Honestly?

          1. Oh…. so that is the rationale?
            The village idiot or a thief?

            Forgive me if I think that regardless of political leaning we should have honest, bright hardworking people with copious amounts of integrity holding the reins.

    1. So Dave, you think Carrier IQ doesn’t warrent any pesky investigation?

      Oooh, it logs your keystrokes, text messages, and what you do on the internet, then sends it all out to parts unknown… Pfft, big deal. Who really cares about this whole “privacy” thing anyway?

      Stupid Al Franken with his stupid inquiry, god I hate him!

      1. Does anything ever come of these “investigations”, or is it all just grandstanding? I’m not trying to bash Senator Franken, I just really want to know. I hear lots of “Senator/Congressman So-and-So called for a Congressional Inquiry…” and then nothing. If they are spending our money, does anything actually come of it to make it worth our while?

  1. I’ll say just this. It’s amusing to observe people’s sarcasm, political broadsides and potshots, and even psychological and personal attacks. No harm done, especially in an anonymous forum. Ha, ha. But this man is an elected representative trying to protect our constitutional liberties. Am I wrong so far?

    1. Well, you could have said ‘disputed elected official’, but everyone would have thought you were talking about GW who, some short term history books will probably soon claim, stole an election.

      The shame about politics is that when one side starts to ignore reality, it then becomes contagious.

      It doesnt matter who started it or why.
      Politics has become a team sport, not a marriage.
      For one side to win, the other must lose.
      All consideration for the greater good gets shouted down in a drunken rage leading up to more whoring.
      (OK, maybe it IS like a marriage…)

    2. Jane.. given what I hear Al Franken saying, I want to have the same answers as he does. It’s so sad when this message board becomes a republican & democrat sausage party. FFS stick to the actual issues at hand because they’re important to everyone. I don’t care if you like Al Franken. lol.

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