Apple will reinvent television

“There is re-invigorated conversation around Apple and its Apple TV efforts in light of Steve Jobs’s comments to Walter Isaacson that he has finally cracked the TV interface,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “And now again with recent Wall St Analysts voicing their conviction that 2012 will be the year of Apple TV. We all know Apple wants a play in the television arena. Apple TV is still a hobby to them but at some point in time Apple TV will become a business and a healthy one at that.”

“Much of what is happening around the web, and with other pundits, feels very similar to the time prior to Apple launching the first iPhone and fundamentally re-inventing the smartphone,” Bajarin writes. “In fact my father provided the media with a quote about the first iPhone that circulated widely. Rather than call Apple’s first iPhone a smartphone he called it a ‘brilliant phone’ (see: Analyst: Apple iPhone should be given its own category – ‘brilliant phone’ – January 9, 2007)… In the year leading up to the first launch there were mockups, hype, rumors, speculation, skepticism, optimism, and then one day it was unveiled and none of the hype could do it justice. It helped us re-imagine what a pocket computer should be and I would argue Apple continues to do so with each new iPhone.”

Bajarin writes, “Predicting exactly what the disruptor is proves more difficult than knowing which areas of the industry are ripe for disruption. Television is ripe for disruption and I believe Apple will be the one to do it. So rather than predict how, I would rather point out where some of the opportunities may lie… Re-inventing the TV experience has to be more than just TV programming. Re-inventing the TV will require turning the TV into a platform to deliver rich content, new software, interactive programming and more. The opportunity is to turn the TV into a “platform” similarly the way PCs, smartphones, and tablets are platforms… In time Apple will not just show us a smart TV they will show us a brilliant TV and in the process re-invent TV.”

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  1. Wow!

    I do hope that both companies find a solution to prevent this from happening again. It is starting to worry me about future Issues that may occur.

    The article said that both phones were exposed to high altitudes prior to the overheating. I’m kind of curious if the issue has something to do with it. But if you think about it, what do those two factors ( high altitude, and lithium batteries) have to do with each other?

  2. i am confident that i know how apple will change tv and i understand where steve is going with this… read between he lines of his D8 speech.. the answers are right there…

  3. Just wait for Apple to invest some of that $80 billion in rolling out LTE-Advanced. 1 Gbps to a gateway in your house (100 Mbps to your phone in motion) will be plenty for HD video. Trust that Apple is laying the groundwork for content. The end of cable.

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