Apple reportedly close to launching iTunes Store in Brazil

“A music publishers’ group says it is close to signing a deal with Apple that would finally bring iTunes to Latin America’s largest nation,” The Associated Press reports.

“Executive Director Michaela Couto of the Brazilian Union of Music Publishers tells the O Globo newspaper that negotiations with Apple Inc. are at an ‘advanced stage’ and that iTunes could be launched in Brazil by mid-December,” AP reports.

Read more in the full article here.


    1. This has nothing to do with the government. The deals that have to be made in order for us in Brazil to get the iTMS go between music publishers/record companies and Apple.
      The wall fell apart in 1989. Move on.

        1. OMG how stupid can you possibly be????????????

          The MILITARY(not communist) strike in brazil was to prevent a COMMUNIST one. The military’ was right, not left.
          Brazil is the one and only rising star of latin america.

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