Best Buy: BlackBerry PlayBook removed from website due to ‘high demand’ after $300 price cut

“Best Buy on Monday explained the rationale behind its decision to cancel BlackBerry PlayBook orders and pull listings,” Electronista reports.

“The company responded that it still planned to carry the tablet and that shoppers had just ‘responded very positively’ to the $300 price drop, selling out by mid-weekend,” Electronista reports. “Its promo was still going on and would have a restock soon.”

Electronista reports, “The store chain didn’t explain why it had completely removed the PlayBook from its website during the weekend instead of just marking it as sold out, as it does with most other products. It also didn’t say why it chose to cancel orders that it still expected would get the better price. Actual sell-through isn’t known as well, although it’s presumed to be below iPad numbers given that Apple also sold out and normally sells many more tablets.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just like the HP TouchPad, it’s a success! Smirk.

Best Buy and RIM ought to be sued for taking advantage of the mentally deficient.

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      1. If your avatar is accurate, I’m not sure about the blind and lazy part, and probably not stupid…

        But BEAUTIFUL — yeah, that! A welcome change from the office dudes around the water cooler…

  1. rim fans tooting bbx…

    god I feel like I’m lost in some freaking Twilight Zone time warp — you know where a horrible incident keeps repeating itself and you can’t get out :

    last year it was Playbook… (greatest tablet with greatest OS blah blah)
    now it’s bbx.. (greatest tablet with greatest OS blah blah)

    the playbook is big Brontosaurus size flop dudes..
    FACE IT.
    qnX whose greatest claim to fame was an OS for CAR NAVIGATION SYSTEMS sucks big time as an mobile OS (that’s why they cant even get freaking email on it! ) It’s mobile use previously was on simple army radios than didnt run apps and weighed a KILO each.

    and the Rim CEO’s have been last several years talking and fantasizing as if they are in perpetual reefer dream and dumbos are STILL listening to them..
    dear lord almight…

  2. Yep. “Demand for the PlayBook is CRAZY HIGH!! Therefore, we are going to remove it from our stores until things cool off a bit.”

    Remember when you couldn’t get an iPhone 4 because the demand was so high for so long? Lines in front of every store every day — just in case they got some in? Apple should have just stopped selling them for a few weeks until they built up a better supply, right? (In fact, I seem to remember some geniuses — even on this site — that suggested just such a strategy).

    Believe me, if the PlayBook were that popular that there was a “run on the banks” so to speak, the links WOULD NOT be removed!! Bogus.

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