Apple vs. Samsung patent wars (infographic)

Apple and Samsung are engaged in a heated mobile device patent war consisting of multiple legal battles that are being contested around the world.

Judges in Europe and Australia have ordered preliminary injunctions barring Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from stores as the Christmas shopping season begins.

The following info graphic details the state of the Apple vs. Samsung patent wars:

Apple vs Samsung
Via: Online MBA Guide

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mu” for the heads up.]


  1. At the top, where it shows (in 2007) a GOOGLE graphic with the caption , “Google Open source operating system becomes a major player”, they forgot to add a graphic a few years earlier depicting a man running out of the Apple logo box towards the Google logo box with a suitcase full if IP spilling out of the case with iOS stamped on the header box of each page. Some of those pages escape from the suitcase and flutter to the ground behind the running man and some are seen trapped half in the suitcase and half out of the suitcase. The dropped pages leave a clear trail leading from the Apple box to the Google box. The outline of the running man looks like a fat spectacled man that kind of looks like Eric Schmidt.

  2. Yeah interesting that they included the palm-pilot (not a phone just a PDA) and didn’t include the newton which preceded it by a number of years… mmm bias much?

    That was all I needed to see to determine that this is just another idiot journalist that knows the “truth” resides wherever his bread is buttered.

    Remember when journalists had scruples, oh wait… never mind.

  3. My inforgraphic has blood spatter on the lower half…

    Oh – that’s about when my head exploded. This is what people rip on when they talk shit about these things.

  4. As a Korean-American who has lived there and still travels there frequently, I can tell you that Samsung will always remain an also-ran wannabe unless this unwieldy conglomerate splits up into many different companies and gives each unit the independence to innovate and operate freely without being encumbered by a highly centralized bureaucratic system of management.

    These military-styled conglomerates hold back Korea from true innovation more than anything else over there. It’s all about getting their pyramid-like organizations bigger and bigger for these conglomerates. How can you have focus when you produce smartphones as well as washers & dryers, rice cookers, and virtually anything that plugs into an electric outlet? That’s just Samsung Electronics.

    The Samsung conglomerate also dabbles in hotels, life insurance & financial services, health care, shipbuilding, housing construction, entertainment services like theme parks, to almost anything else you can think of. Samsung even tried to get into the auto industry with their own cars to compete with Hyundai and Kia and that turned out to be a total fiasco.

    As far as I’m concerned, Samsung stands for everything I dislike in a company. Obviously, Samsung is a very capable company and has beat the crap out of the likes of Sony and Panasonic while being a worldwide leader in semiconductor and display technologies, but if they’re really going to be taken seriously as an innovator, they need to split up and let each unit think on their own for a change.

  5. Boycott Apple because they would be nowhere without violating the IP of others. Silly Apple fanboys don’t have very long memories. Many of these designs where pioneered by PDAs, and guess what they could also be used as? PHONES!

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