Analyst: Apple shifts from Samsung to Sharp for new 2012 HDTV displays

“Apple Inc. is shifting production of glass displays for iPhones and iPads to Sharp Corp. in Japan and may introduce a new television device as early as the middle of 2012, Jefferies & Co. said,” Sarah Frier reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple is moving its business to Sharp in Japan largely at the expense of Samsung Electronics Co., a growing rival in smartphones and tablets, said Peter Misek, a New York-based analyst at Jefferies,” Frier reports. “He wrote the research note based on a visit to Japan and conversations with manufacturing executives.”

Frier reports, “Television manufacturers, including Samsung, are scrambling to figure out what Apple’s TV will look like and do, said Misek. He said Apple will take a production line at Sharp’s Sakai facility to make a modified version of what are known as amorphous TFT displays and will likely begin commercial production of what he called iTV in February.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Kevin P.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple should create a counter-intelligence department that comes up with fake products and rumors… release covertly into the world false leads that are so credible that the competition actually tries to copy and beat them to the market. If nothing else, it will just confuse the “scramblers” even more than they already are.

  2. Now, that’s the type of “boycott” that will hurt Samsung. A boycott of Samsung-made parts by Apple.

    Apple needs to stop (or at least minimize) funding Samsung’s copycat products.

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