George Clooney vs. Noah Wyle in battle to play Steve Jobs in biopic

“George Clooney is in the running to play late Apple boss Steve Jobs in a new movie,” The Sun reports.

“The actor, 50, is reportedly battling it out with his former ER co-star Noah Wyle, 40, for the role.,” The Sun reports. “George and Noah both played doctors in long-running hospital series ER, which picked up 23 Emmy Awards.”

The Sun reports, “The biopic, which is expected to start filming next year, will chart the life of the amazing entrepreneur, who died last month from pancreatic cancer at just 56.”

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Back in October, David A. Kaplan reported for Fortune, “Noah Wyle, the erstwhile star of the medical drama ‘E.R.’ on NBC, already played Jobs once, in 1999 in the TNT cult classic, ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley.’ Jobs tolerated the production and, according to Wyle’s account, actually liked Wyle’s portrayal. Wyle’s game again. Reached in Vancouver on the set of the TNT series ‘Falling Skies,’ Wyle e-mailed me: ‘Are you kidding? I would give my eye teeth, in the heartbeat, of a New York minute. There are certain roles you wish you could tackle over and over again. That’s one for me.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wyle’s already done it once and, for his efforts, has been invited up on the Macworld stage (1999, NYC) with Steve Jobs, plus he looks more like Jobs than Clooney, don’t you think? Christian Bale also springs to mind. More than looks, though, acting ability should be the main criteria! Let us know below and in our poll on the left side of the main website.


  1. Justin Long! I’m not kidding on this. Looks more like Jobs than Wylie does, is closely associated with the Mac like Jobs and that will bring believability to the role, and is a good actor. I’m not kidding.

  2. Noah Wyle is a decent TV drama actor at best. Clooney, as much as so many men dislike him for whichever reasons, is an actor of depth, breadth and solid skill. In terms of acting chops, it is really unfair to compare the two. There is a reason why one is a global mega-star, while the other continues to toil in prime-time TV dramas.

    This is not about finding a dead-ringer to Steve. If it is to be a good movie, it really needs to have good actors in it.

  3. John Cusack might be an interesting contender. I think he is a good actor, and can bring a wise beyond the boyish charm/eye glint factor that Steve sported throughout his life. The later Steve can be played by Stanley Tucci or Malcovich. But I think a versatile single actor under a credible hand can pull off Steve through the years.

    First thing’s first though, ditch much of official bio and hire a screenwriter, with an empathy bone, from within the tech industry.

  4. I never saw Noah before, but as soon as I played the video on this page, and saw Noah walk out, his facial expressions sold me immediately!

    As much as I like George Clooney, I could not see him as a credible portrayal of Steve Jobs.

  5. Christian Bale should play Jobs. He looks like Jobs, he went really thin for The Machinist… He’s the one. Look even Steve is saying Noah’s getting it wrong. He was good in the TNT movie… Bale will in the Oscar… Again.

  6. Hollywood tends to go with the most popular and one that will bring in the ROI…a heavy hitter. It’s going to be Clooney.

    I prefer Noah myself…but I don’t feel confident he’ll get it. I hope I am wrong.

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