Apple’s iPad owns 88% of global tablet web traffic

“There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Apple’s iPad is the biggest seller in the tablet space, but we have seen many iPad competitors come out over recent months, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Blackberry PlayBook, Amazon Kindle Fire, and many more,” Royal Pingdom reports.

“However, despite all these Android tablets, according to comScore in October 2011, 95.5% of all tablet web traffic in the U.S. comes from iPad,” Royal Pingdom reports. “That is a stunning number. So, is anyone really buying all these shipping Android tablets, and what do people do with them after they buy them?”

MacDailyNews Take: Return them before getting the iPad they should have gotten in the first place.

“We used the StatCounter data to calculate how the tablet market is divided today,” Royal Pingdom reports. “In this analysis iPad accounts for almost 88% of tablet web traffic, Android for about 11% and the others trail far behind. Out of these operating systems, the only one that exists purely on tablets is iOS, but we strongly suspect that this is a good reflection of reality.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. … Windows (and IE) owned over 90% of their market? We – that obviously includes MDN – are still smarting from the snarky comments aimed our way throughout the 90s.
    So … a modest “WooHOO” for the news … and we move on. A justified victory, now time to work on the next one.

  2. This only reinforces how stupid NETFLIX is for leaving IOS users out of their new optimized super fast app. NETFLIX chose Android first and iOS last.

    Second, Android builders/users can brag all they want. They can own 90% of the market, but today the real money is on web for eCommerce and information gathering of products consumers want to buy. So who do you think you should cater to? Android or iOS? If your as dumb as NETFLIX then there is no hope for you. lol

    1. I think it’s very possible that Netflix is still working on the iOS version because Apple has higher standards. You can put any beta piece of shit on the android store but Apple requires it to be relatively bug free and ready for prime time.

      1. Good point. Too bad the Fandroids are already spouting their frothing take on this as a negative for iOS. You know, the typical we have a huge marketshare so Netflix catered to to Android first and second to iOS, just like Windows vs Mac software release strategy.

  3. When I saw the headline I couldn’t believe that the market share was only 88% but that’s global – 95% in the U.S. – which is more like it. Apple’s market share will always be lower in Europe than in the U.S. A lack of a sense of taste and style brought on by being guinea pigs for U.S. drug trials is my guess.

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