Apple releases Apple TV Software Update 4.4.3

Apple has today released version 4.4.3 of its Apple TV software. The update can be applied by going to the Settings>General>Update Software section of your Apple TV.

In Apple TV 4.4.3, the label under “Music” for “iTunes Match” has been changed to “iCloud.”

The update also adds support for Netflix in Mexico and fixes an audio problem that occurred when playing sound through the optical port with your television set turned off.

The Apple TV Software Update 4.4.3 is available now via Apple TV: Settings>General>Update Software.


  1. Netflix works fine, still. I’ve found that when you get the ‘can’t access content, try again later’ (whatever the exact phras is…), especially from iTunes, that restarting the Apple TV often fixes it. (And for those that don’t know this little tip, you can remotely restart by holding down Menu and Down Arrow for 5 seconds.)

    Another thing that might have new in 4.4.3: I couldn’t find one (not one !) captioned movie in Netflix, and that was one of the mentioned fixes. Now, I found a couple in a few seconds. If someone wants to check on their 4.4.2 box: does Season of the Witch show the CC symbol? (New Arrivals/Action Adventure number 2)

    1. And, I was right, sort of. This release made it so the CC symbol shows in the listings for Netflix. 4.4.2 actually did fix the CC but they forget to remove whatever code that suppressed the CC flag since the Apple TV never showed CC for Netflix before. That’s my theory. Netflix did just announce that they hope to have 30% of everything CC for steaming soon. But here I thought it was all their fault! Maybe it’s worth $8/month now.

    2. Leesweet nailed it – hard reset of the Apple TV cured the Netflix problem. Like instructed, hold down Menu and Down Arrow buttons for 5 seconds and Netflix will be back up and running.

  2. I tried everything to let Netflix come back to life but …. NOTHING!!!
    Everything Leesweet wrote. On Ipad 2 and Iphone 4 netflix works correctly but on the Apple TV 2 after the 4.4.3 firmware update it doesn’t connect to the server anymore!

    I’m ready to die!

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