Apple releases Apple TV Software Update 4.4.3

Apple has today released version 4.4.3 of its Apple TV software. The update can be applied by going to the Settings>General>Update Software section of your Apple TV.

In Apple TV 4.4.3, the label under “Music” for “iTunes Match” has been changed to “iCloud.”

The update also adds support for Netflix in Mexico and fixes an audio problem that occurred when playing sound through the optical port with your television set turned off.

The Apple TV Software Update 4.4.3 is available now via Apple TV: Settings>General>Update Software.


  1. This is great!!!! We live in Mexico
    We have used Netflix USA on our Macs with HotSpot, but weren’t able to on our ATV

    We signed up for Mwxican Netflix ( they require a seperate account) but were very disappointed we couldn’t use ATV

    1. Or maybe it does. I have chosen “Update Later” for a month because I have little faith in my ability to remember my Netflix password. I have probably typed it twice since choosing it over a year ago. If my son wasn’t watching the occasional old SpongeBob episode I would cancel anyway as there is so little new stuff in Canada

      1. 1Password.

        Absolute lifesaver.
        I got it a long time ago for my iPhone 3G, free… the one and only time they ever offered it free I grabbed it.

        Bought the Mac Version though.

  2. Netflix has a poor HD sttreaming selection! I just order blu-rays instead! Why Apple added Netflix to compete with its own movie streaming service is beyond me! I want all titles in full HD streamed for 48 hrs at $2.99 each! This $4.99 crap is too high!

    1. the selection has very little to do with Netflix.. it’s the studio’s wanting their movies on Pay Per View/On Demand only.

      they make more money that way. PPV and sales is all they want, they don’t like rental stores and sites like netflix/hulu etc.

  3. A warning to anyone who uses Netflix: after updating to 4.4.3 I was not able to login to my Netflix account. I tried resetting everything under the ATV and Netflix account and many other things with no avail. The only solution for now is revert back to previous FW 4.4.2. THANKS APPLE! Geez!

    1. I Have the same problem. Was using unblock-us to be able to get netflix U.S in canada but now it says unable to connect to server. Does anyone have a fix for this? If I have to revert back to the old firmware can I do it from the remote or do I have to plug it into my laptop.

      1. I also unblock-us, seems to be a prob from that side. You can do a restore in iTunes, just point it to where the 4.4.2 if you had download it already (~library/itunes/Apple TV Software Updates) or just google to download it somewhere else.

  4. How about dumping NETFLIX Apple. Please and provide the streaming to iTunes or ATV on its own. NETFLIX doesn’t gives a rats butt to Apple and its users anyway. NETFLIX prefers Android, not iOS.

  5. Whatever this release fixed, I can say. I do know what it broke. My ATV could see my iTunes library on two computers just fine. Even watched a movie or two from my iTunes library a couple days ago. After this update, no matter what I try, the libraries don’t show up. Thanks for the “break,” Apple.

    1. make sure the home sharing stuff is turned on though.

      I know a few updates ago (like 2 weeks ago…) there was issues with the home sharing.

      also there was an update for iTunes and AppleTV in the past week, could be both in tandem messing with something.
      I have not done the updates on either of my AppleTV’s (this week anyway)

      oh and also what Leesweet mentioned, reboot the Apple TV.

      I have 4.4.2 on my AppleTV, Season of the witch shows no CC icon anywhere. Don’t make me start it and see if there is actual CC or not 😉

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