Apple’s Steve Jobs will beat Sony from beyond

“In what I wouldn’t ever describe as a fair fight, Sony [SNE] CEO, Howard Stringer, says he is finally ready to ‘compete against Steve Jobs,'” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “It seems a little crass that it took the death of the Apple [AAPL] visionary before Stringer could bring it on.”

“‘I spent the last five years building a platform so I can compete against Steve Jobs. It’s finished, and it’s launching now,'” Forbes reports. Sony hopes to compete by offering an ecosystem of products, spanning its television sets, tablets, smartphones and PCs, all ably supported by its media assets: PlayStation games, and Sony’s music and film imprints,” Evans writes.

“Sony faces the anticipated introduction of an Apple-branded television set, offering support for iTunes, iCloud, AirPlay and apps, most likely controlled through some cheap touch device, an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone,” Evans writes. “Many (myself included) think it possible Apple will create a voice-controlled television, using Siri voice technologies. Can Stringer fight back?”

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blockquote>MacDailyNews Take: Can Stringer fight back? No, and neither can Sony once Stringer finally goes his merry way.


  1. You guys seem to know a whole different brand of Japanese than I’ve worked with. They are data-driven and unrelenting in their pursuit of their quality standards. The problem with Sony is too many gaijin at the top.

    Unfortunately, the do seem enamored with complex, multi-level menu driven user interfaces that don’t have an intuitive bone in their body. The Sony remote is a prime example, as are most ham radios (all Japanese made).

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