Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, strike ad alliance to take on Google and Facebook

“Yahoo Inc, Microsoft Corp and AOL Inc have set up an advertising partnership as Google and Facebook’s online ad dominance grows,” Reuters reports.

“The alliance, announced on Tuesday, allows each of the companies to sell each other’s unsold premium advertising inventory — known as display ads — by early next year,” Reuters reports. “While the companies are striking a partnership, they still actively competing with each other for both advertiser spending and publisher partners, as well as maintain their own set of controls.”

Reuters reports, “Both Facebook and Google Inc are expected to increase their share of online display advertising in the United States in 2011 by 9.3 percent and 16.3 percent respectively, according to estimates from research firm eMarketer. Meanwhile, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo are forecast to loose [sic] share, with Facebook expected to surpass Yahoo for the first time this year.”

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  1. Skating to where the puck used to be. Wow, Apple really has them squabbling with each other and missing the obvious, elephant-sized threat in the room. In 5 years, on-line ads will be much less relevant and not worth as much investment by these companies. They will be scratching their heads and wonder how they got so blind-sided…

  2. What, AOL still exists? 😉

    And wasn’t Microsoft and Yahoo on the verge of merging several years ago? This is step one of trying that again. 3 wrongs don’t make a right…

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