Editor Walter Murch is feeling better about Final Cut Pro X

“When Final Cut Pro X debuted, it caused a stir in the professional video editing world,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for TUAW.

“Long a standard tool for feature film editors, the latest version of Final Cut was designed more for the prosumer, and left some pro editors with a bad taste for the update,” Hodgkins reports. “In a recent interview with Rick Young of MacVideo, film and sound editor Walter Murch discusses this new role of Final Cut Pro X.”

Hodgkins reports, “He sees FCPX as a tool that will gradually straddle the old world of analog-based non-linear video editing and the new digital-based future. Murch is not sure Apple can pull this off and create a tool that appeals to both the professional and the consumer, but if it does, FCPX could be the foundation for a new NLE ecosystem.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. There are a lot of misconceptions and inaccurate statements about FCP X. Many have to do with USERs who did not take the time to dig deep and others who only saw screen shots and made assumptions, specifically calling it “imovie pro”, that cliche statement we keep hearing. Is FCP X fully PRO, no it is not but it’s very efficient in many ways and it makes other editors look old fashion in the way they perform in addition to it’s over all architecture. Would it be difficult for a “studio” or broadcast house to use FCP X, yes it would but FCP X is a very viable software. Someone on the web listed 18 things wrong with FCP X in terms of function or bugs and 13 of those items listed were inaccurate and untrue by the blogger. This is the danger of the internet, people making statements and not having first hand knowledge of a product or they FAILED as a user to get to know the software. And people are forgetting to look at Compressor and Motion, which is a separate purchase. APPLE has stated on their web site that more additions are coming in early 2012. This software is not done, it’s not fully developed as of yet. Most Americans are viewing video on a 21 inch screen or less and that is a fact – ipad, itouch, cell phones, 21 inch home computer monitors. APPLE knows this. APPLE knows the market and they know the statistical analysis of making money and what people want. Yes, it looks like they moved out of the “pro” market but what they have developed is a way to reach another market and it’s actually pretty smart in the approach. There is a lot you can do with FCP X, much more than people know and I see it getting better and bigger and more developed over time

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