Steve Jobs’s last great gadget: the all-purpose ‘iTV’

“Technology guru Steve Jobs planned to revolutionise our television experience by releasing an ‘iTV’ as early as next year, a new biography claims,” Paul Melia reports for The Independent.

“Gone would be a DVD player and television with accompanying wires and cables. Instead, just one device would offer tv, the internet, music and video feeds and allow viewers to watch television, email their friends and update their social network pages all at once,” Melia reports. “‘I finally cracked it,’ the biography quotes the late Apple founder as saying. He added that the planned device was ‘simple and elegant.’ much like the iPod and iPhone, and would be launched as early as next year.”

Melia reports, “Some experts believe that TVs of the future will be operated by voice commands, meaning remote controls could become a thing of the past.”

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Jeffrey J. Rose writes for ManhattanBeachPatch, “A smart TV could tie together all the elements of Apple’s self-contained universe: shows or movies or music purchased through iTunes and stored on iCloud; played on an entertainment center operated by a smart TV, or to go on an iPod, iPhone or iPad; controlled from the couch by any of those three devices; and complete with the Siri voice assistant thrown in.”

“‘Siri, show me the most recent episode of Glee,’ you say, and your smart TV does just that. ‘Siri, what movies are available featuring George Clooney?’ and a list pops up that combines what’s available on iTunes with listings from your cable or satellite service. ‘Siri, show me photos from our vacation,’ and your smart TV does just that. ‘Siri, tell me if I need an umbrella today,’ and your TV will answer, just like an iPhone 4S does now,” Rose writes. “Such a TV also could use things like FaceTime for video phone calls, and bring Apple’s gaming environment (imagine Angry Birds) to the living room’s big screen.”

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