Steve Jobs’s last great gadget: the all-purpose ‘iTV’

“Technology guru Steve Jobs planned to revolutionise our television experience by releasing an ‘iTV’ as early as next year, a new biography claims,” Paul Melia reports for The Independent.

“Gone would be a DVD player and television with accompanying wires and cables. Instead, just one device would offer tv, the internet, music and video feeds and allow viewers to watch television, email their friends and update their social network pages all at once,” Melia reports. “‘I finally cracked it,’ the biography quotes the late Apple founder as saying. He added that the planned device was ‘simple and elegant.’ much like the iPod and iPhone, and would be launched as early as next year.”

Melia reports, “Some experts believe that TVs of the future will be operated by voice commands, meaning remote controls could become a thing of the past.”

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Jeffrey J. Rose writes for ManhattanBeachPatch, “A smart TV could tie together all the elements of Apple’s self-contained universe: shows or movies or music purchased through iTunes and stored on iCloud; played on an entertainment center operated by a smart TV, or to go on an iPod, iPhone or iPad; controlled from the couch by any of those three devices; and complete with the Siri voice assistant thrown in.”

“‘Siri, show me the most recent episode of Glee,’ you say, and your smart TV does just that. ‘Siri, what movies are available featuring George Clooney?’ and a list pops up that combines what’s available on iTunes with listings from your cable or satellite service. ‘Siri, show me photos from our vacation,’ and your smart TV does just that. ‘Siri, tell me if I need an umbrella today,’ and your TV will answer, just like an iPhone 4S does now,” Rose writes. “Such a TV also could use things like FaceTime for video phone calls, and bring Apple’s gaming environment (imagine Angry Birds) to the living room’s big screen.”

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    1. Don’t believe it, this report is bullshit. Jobs never said that it would be launched next year or that it was a real product, only that he believed he’d figured out the problem. Big difference between him having a possible solution and an apple product. Also unlikely to go from jobs having the idea in June 2011 to a product shipping in January 2012.

      These reporters just lie.

  1. Let’s say you make a YouTube video, and it’s got nothing other than a recording that says “Siri show me my YouTube video”.

    Then you say, “Siri show me my YouTube video”

  2. When Steve Jobs first revealed the Apple TV, it didn’t have a name yet. The internal code name was iTV. He emphasized that iTV would NOT be the final name of the product because someone else owned the name. That company, based in Britain, even filed a precautionary lawsuit against Apple to protect their trademark before the Apple TV even came on the market.

    Apparently the author isn’t paying attention. “iTV” is the one name that the product is least likely to have. Most likely, it will be called Apple TV.

  3. (In your best Ballmer monkey dance and voice)

    Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content! Content!

    Until that is worked out the the multitude of concerned parties,this will happen in a crippled way.

    Looking at my Netflix queue, only about 10% is available for streaming. Until it is 100%, the DVD is not dead.

  4. Looking at my girlfriend’s Samsung 40″ LED made me wonder what Apple might do to improve on its aesthetics (did I spell that right…?).

    I’m not a big fan of Samsung, but it IS a beautiful and thin TV.

    The one problem is connectivity.
    I’m sure an Apple TV will stream 720p (and maybe even 1080p) video to compete with Blue ray.
    And I’m sure gamers will be able to play game apps via an iPad, iPhone, iPod or dedicated remote.
    But still….

    People will want to hook a DVD player up to play their library, and gamers will want their consoles, and music buffs will want it streamed out of a receiver.
    The problem is a sleek LED screen does NOT lend itself to a bunch of cable ports, at least not the ones I have seen. You either have break-out cables or edge mounted ports that are ugly from the side.

    I’m betting one remedy they may be looking at is similar to the LED Display.
    One power cable, and one Thunderbolt cable to a small box to hook all inputs and outputs to. Obviously, you won’t HAVE to use this method, so it might be an option, but for cable/dish boxes, Wiis, DVD players, surround receivers, antennas and what not, keeping it all in the cabinet along with the cables would go a long way to improving its looks.

          1. How sure can you be?
            Maybe this reflected back on a previous post, where my spelling was called by someone who had just misspelled a word, followed by a junior-high rant that addressed none of the issues, except the one the former cheerleader was having.

            Still sure about that…?

    1. How about incorporating the iMac concept with a DVD or blu-ray drive built in? Eliminate all the connection cords. The only necessary element apart from a voice-operated, Internet-connected, all-in-one TV would be the sound system.

  5. I just read that book, and he never said any of the tripe this guy is spewing
    What happened to journalism?
    It’s gone
    Now we have a bunch of hacks reading stuff others wrote and embellishing it as their own

    What a crock of shite!!
    I want my 5 minutes back!

  6. I don’t understand why everyone seems to think Siri will control your TV. Unless you live on your own, most people talk in their lounges with the TV on. Siri would get confused with that, not to mention the voices from whatever you’re watching. Do people really want to control a TV by shouting at it? I don’t think so. I don’t want to waive my arms in the air like an idiot to change the channel either. I’m sure whatever control they’ve come up with it won’t be gimmicky or cumbersome. Personally I think it will involve a touchscreen remote which you navigate through and no on screen menus at all (why should any menus need to be on the TV screen when touch screen remote can show them?), that would be the most elegant I think.

    1. Maybe it’ll come with the stock Apple TV remote, but they’ll promote an updated iOS remote app that utilizes a streamlined UI, including Siri on devices with the capability. So you won’t be shouting over room noise or waving your arms. You’ll use a remote as normal, but if you have the app on a capable device, you’ll have extraordinary functionality. The remote app on my iPhone/iPad is a better experience than the stock remote that comes with the aTV, but I use the remote often too.

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