Apple acquires second 3D mapping company: C3 Technologies; looks to take iOS Maps to mind-blowing level

“Since the original iPhone’s debut in 2007, Apple’s iOS devices have made use of an Apple-built Google Maps application to provide users with a quick glance at driving directions, traffic, route guidance, current location information, and details about destinations,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Like with most sections of Apple’s business, the company is continually innovating, looking to take products to the next level.”

“A few years ago, Apple set out to seemingly reinvent this iOS mapping experience. As 9to5Mac reported in 2009, Apple scooped up their own mapping software development company called Placebase,” Gurman reports. “In the summer of last year, Apple went one step further in their obvious pursuit of a completely in-house mapping solution and acquired a 3D mapping firm called Poly9.”

Gurman reports, “Apple’s Poly9 purchase obviously means Apple is at least interested in (or considering) the field of three-dimensional mapping solutions. We’ve now confirmed that Apple has purchased a second 3D mapping company… C3 Technologies.”

Here’s an example of C3 Technologies’ in action:

Much more in the full article, including more C3 videos, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]

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  1. This was already reported few month ago, but still worth mentioning again.

    This was one of Steven’s quiet decisions that always did the trick for Apple.

    Lets hope Cook will continue this tradition of rather small purchases that would lead to big advantages.

    1. You are mistaken about it being reported that apple bought it months ago.

      but i agree- I hope Tim stays on course with their investments… and I have no reason to think he won’t he’s known specifically for being a shrewd business man. Jus took at his past performance.

      1. It was reported; I remember article that discussed how this company basically “gone” and other hints that it went to Apple. Maybe now the claim is more open than before, but the essence was it already then.

          1. that’s the problem… rumors are now “reporting”

            by that rationale, apple also announced it will license iOS5 to nokia.

            it was “reported” two days or so ago.

            1. IBM, NOKIA and SAMSUNG all declined to accept Apples initial offerings in licensing Scroll and Unlock patents to them.

              Never has Apple offered the entire iOS.

  2. This seems like another swipe at Google after their iPhone knockoff trick. And, after all Apple went through with Microsoft, Eric Schmidt should have thought twice about waking the dragon.

  3. This is amazing tech, but then it’s a mil tech spin off, like the interwebz was a DARPA spinoff. I really, really hope this appears on the next iPhone, which I’ll be in line to upgrade to. If this can be installed as a native app, without needing a network connection like Google Maps does, it’ll leave GMaps dead in the water. Awesome.

        1. Siri was in development one year after the birth of the iPhone.
          After 4 years, Apple decided to buy the company.
          There is a huge reason Siri was released as Beta. Apple has much more planed with it. Do not be surprised these C3 Technologies Maps are navigated by voice with Siri.

          C3 Technologies was in deed purchased by Apple.
          And a demo was done on the iPad 1st gen.
          The chip in the new iPad (3rd gen) is perfectly suited harnessing plenty of power for this technology to easily be rendered.

          Nope, no way these maps will be preinstalled for offline viewing, Rorschach. The data base would be too large for the entire world. And eat up your valued 64 Gb iDevice. However, it might be quite possible that a preinstalled REGION of the country you reside in, is. Noting the country where you bought the device. Like Apples Voice Recognition packs, downloadable from iCloud when desired.

          NOW – Lets hope that Apple brings the C3 Technologies FULLY to iOS 5.5 before version 6. AND IT IS NOT in BETA like Siri was.

    1. Mark: The historical dimension occurred to me the first time I saw Google street view. This immense store of data must be refreshed over and over as time passes. The accumulation of historical data will eventually enable the possibility of choosing a particular era to browse at street level.

  4. This makes a lot of sense that the Jews who run Google now want to start charging for third party use of Google Maps next year. I thought it was merely to bump up their bottom line as they spend money on the Android War but if you read the Map announcement they offer a sea if you sign up for a premium contract to use the maps.

    They are trying to lock app and web developers into Google maps with contracts before Apple can launch their service.

    IMHO that was a party slick move on their part.

    I bet that one flew right under your radar.

    1. The antisemitic people that hate jews for their successes are usually losers that can’t make it themselves. What is it Tablet Guy? You don’t like your job at McDonalds? or is it Walmart? Shame of MDN to allow such postings.

      1. Not a one. Now it can finally be revealedt: the G in Google is, in secret ceremonies of upper management, pronounced like a J.

        At least that’s what Herr Goebbels told me.

      2. It is the two at the top. Among the ten wealthiest Americans who call the shots.

        The peons under them are just that cattle.

        Look at each major tech company that has dubious practices. Each is controlled by those with a certain religious affinity. Religion, big business, and the government are they key areas man is dominated by other men.

        When Steve Jobs, who had a Muslim father, declared war on those back stabbers who stole the iPhone concept and than had the balls to give it away for free as if to thumb the finger at him, he knew who his enemy was.

        Frankly I don’t care but I am amazed so many can not see the truth about the close connection to religion that big business has.

        It explains how Balmer, one to the top ten Jews, gets to keep his job when everyone would agree he has no vision.

        Be a man and do a Google or for more accurate results a Bing! search, to open your eyes.

        1. You have a point Tablet Dude.
          But honestly no matter how high up the ladder you go, the customer is always right and we all have bosses above us.
          Hence, we all are just cattle.

  5. Steve was raised in a christian family, and converted to buddhism.

    Hatred and fear – such a shame Steve’s example did not reach you and wipe those from your hearts.

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