NMA animates ‘Steve Jobs’ iBiography’ (with video)

Next Media Animation recaps Walter Issacson’s ‘Steve Jobs’ biography in a new video released on YouTube:

Steve Jobs did not ask to read his biography by Walter Issacson before it was published. But he got the cover design he wanted.

The biography, which was published just weeks after Jobs died, is now projected to be a bestseller.

In it, we find out Jobs regretted not getting surgery sooner. He told Obama he was a one-term president. And he said Bill Gates “would be a broader guy” if he dropped acid.

The biography also hints at a new version of Apple TV controlled by Siri. It looks like the spirit of Steve will be with Apple for some time to come.

Will Apple carry out Jobs’ goal of waging “thermonuclear war” on Android?

Afraid that Apple will flounder like Disney after Walt passed on, Jobs told his successor Tim Cook never to ask: “What would Steve do?” Instead, Cook should do what’s right.


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