Samsung uses iPhone screenshot for Galaxy Player promo

“Consumer electronics maker Samsung appears to have used a nearly three-year-old screen capture of the Maps application on the iPhone to promote its own Galaxy Player 50 portable media player,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“John Gruber of Daring Fireball noted on Monday (via Jeremy Philippe) that Samsung appeared to be using a maps interface that was an ‘ever-so-slightly modified rip-off’ of the Maps application on Apple’s iPhone for a promotional image of the Galaxy Player 50 on its website,” Ong reports. “However, it was quickly revealed that the interface shown on the device is actually an exact copy of an iPhone screenshot from a blog post by Laura Scott on BlogHer in 2008.”

“Late last week, a Netherlands judge denied the company’s request to block sales of the iPhone and the iPad in the country. In contrast, Apple in August successfully convinced a Dutch judge to order an injunction against three of Samsung’s smartphones,” Ong reports. “The Federal Court in Australia recently issued a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet after Apple assert several of its patents related to touchscreen and multitouch technologies. The ruling came on the heels of a similar decision in Germany that blocked the device.”

Ong reports, “Last week, a Samsung lawyer was unable to distinguish between the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad at a distance of 10 feet during a court hearing.”

Read more and see the screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung is on a mission to displace Microsoft as Apple’s Hedy Carlson.

Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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    1. Saw an ad in a newspaper for large screen Samsung tv sets. The image on all the screens was clownfish in green anemone, you know, just like the default image on the first Apple iPhone.

  1. Doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Korea, and the things that happen never cease to amaze me.

    It’s in their culture to do silly things like that. As a whole, the country was the least productive of all according to some study I read a while back… As in hours worked per person vs. productivity.

    A person would move a box, six people would get up to help. Now six people are doing a one man job, and stumbling all over each other, making it take twice as long.

  2. One thing is not having shame when you rip other’s IP, another whole different is being $tupid… but it is very disturbing to be both at the same time… congrats sammy, you are top on both.

  3. Excuse me, but aren’t the chips used by Apple made by Samsung? I don’t condone Samsung’s use of Apple’s proprietary property, but to boycott their products would involve boycotting Apple products.

  4. “Boycott Samsung….” My last Samsung purchase was a pay-as-you-go phone from T-Mobile. It’s awkward and the interface truly sucks, but it’s intended for emergency use only and it was cheap. My only other Samsung product is an HDTV set-top box feeding a plasma display. Its software is very flakey. No, I don’t see more Samsung purchases any time soon.

  5. Decided to buy a Maytag instead of a Samsung washing machine for this very reason. Plus, why not buy American when you have a choice and the quality is as good or better for just a little more money?

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