Longtime Android settler: After using Apple’s iPhone 4S, Android just feels wrong

“Like I usually do when new gadgets hit the tool kit, I have been using only the iPhone 4S for the past few days. I still have my Nexus S 4G Android phone running the current version of Gingerbread, but it remained on the charger while I carried the new iPhone everywhere,” James Kendrick reports for ZDNet.

“Last night I decided it was time to pick up the Nexus and get reacquainted with the phone that has served me well,” Kendrick reports. “It didn’t take me long to realize that after using the smooth, polished iPhone 4S that Android just feels wrong.”

MacDailyNews Take: Dude’s been drinking ripple for years now. Why is he surprised that it tastes like toilet water after sampling a few glasses of the world’s finest wine?

“This realization hit me hard, as I found that as I used the Nexus, a phone I absolutely love, the user experience was jangling my nerves,” Kendrick reports. “The inconsistencies in the interface between apps and the occasional lag doing simple things like scrolling in windows just screamed at me. I hadn’t really noticed it before, but after using the iPhone these things jump out at me.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds familiar. See: Windows to Mac switchers.

Kendrick reports, “In just a few days with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 I had come to expect operation to be fluid and consistent system-wide. That’s just not the case with Android, and every little interruption in smooth operation now accumulates into a feeling of frustration as I use the phone… The lack of fluid operation in Android may be due to the OS, or perhaps it is hardware related. It might be due to better apps on the iPhone, or tighter control by Apple over them. I really don’t care as a user, I want the best user experience I can get. The good one delivered by the iPhone 4S makes it clear to me how wanting the Android experience actually is. It just feels wrong.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’ve stumbled here via Google, don’t settle for cheap imitations, Android settlers. You only live once and life is short. Get an Apple iPhone and see what’s it’s like to use the real thing.

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    1. Ah, reduced to trying to insult Apple by referencing AOL. Sad.

      BTW, if you like Android, you have Steve Jobs to thank – without the iPhone, Android wouldn’t exist. Or maybe it would, but it would look like a counterfeit BlackBerry.

  1. I think the additional comment-asides by the author were really unnecessary. Also, I think that this whole iOS vs Android debate is a blown over the top. I have an Android now because I lost my iPhone 4 – and I love it just as much if not more.

    Why do I love Android more? Well for one thing, I’ve had iPhones since 2008. Yes, the iPhone 4 is ahead of its time, but I sort of got bored of iOS and wanted something different.

    I’m a hacker and a tweaker at heart, so Android is a perfect fit for people like me. I love being able to change the homescreen, love being able to change the keyboard, and I absolutely love that I can do whatever I want with the phone. I will of course say that the quality of the apps on the App Store is slightly better than apps on the Android Market — but I suspect that is because a lot of the Android apps are free (highest percentage of free apps). And there are some real gems, like LauncherPro, SwiftKeyX, and others, that really improve your Android experience.

    While Android, until now, can have no hope of being as effortless, as smooth, and as consistent as iOS, there has been a definite improvement in the quality of applications, and the lag issues that plagued phones before is virtually non-existent. I’m amazed almost every day by what my rooted phone can do. Stuff I never even thought possible with a handset. But again, Android is meant for people like me, people who love to tweak and hack and experiment with different ROMs.

    I really enjoy the Apple experience, and the iPhone 4 + iTunes on my MacBook Pro is really great, but I’m not much of a music guy and I never really see videos on my phone (save for some youtube), so iTunes was sort of unnecessary.

    The TL;DR version is that you guys need to give Android a little bit of credit. It has some of its own smart features. It is obvious that Android wouldn’t be as good without the iPhone and of course, the amazing Steve Jobs. But equally, I think Android is a worthy competitor. Just as Windows 7 is JUST ABOUT a competitor to our beloved OS X.

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